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10 AI Techniques You Should Know About ChatGPT

Everyone’s using ChatGPT. But almost everyone’s STUCK in beginner mode. Here are 10 techniques to get massively ahead with AI either ChatGPT or any other AI tools.


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10 AI Techniques You Should Know About ChatGPT


Simulate an Expert

Ask ChatGPT to play the part of a customer, co-host, or talented expert. Have a conversation with it, or ask it to generate content as if it were that specific persona.

For example

You are an accomplished analyst working for a reputable market research company and a Harvard Business School alum. Mentor me in content creation for B2B SaaS firms’ C-level executives. Which open-ended inquiries should I make? Prioritize unusual, knowledgeable advice.


Challenge the conventional narrative

Ask for examples of what contradicts the dominant narrative. Generate content that challenges readers’ assumptions. Seek out provocative angles that defy expectations and break the mold.

For Example;

Topic: Growing your email newsletter For the above topic, give examples that contradict the dominant narrative. Generate an outline for thought-provoking content that challenges assumptions.


Use unconventional prompts

Consider utilizing more open-ended or abstract prompts.

You will receive original and imaginative comments in this manner from no one else.

By being eccentric, you can unleash ChatGPT’s creative potential for coming up with interesting terminology and offbeat themes.

Write a poem about copywriting. Describe feeling like an entrepreneur in 10 adjectives.



It’s easy to have ChatGPT generate a list of potential topic ideas for your next project. But often they’re generic and expected. Instead, ask it to come up with new angles or approaches to cover a familiar topic.

For Example;

Topic: How to double your creative output. For the topic above, brainstorm new angles or approaches. Prioritize ideas that are uncommon or novel.


Capture your writing style

Feed ChatGPT your writing. Ask it to help you create a style guide for future outputs. It’ll give you the exact words to describe your voice and tone in a way that AIs understand.

For Example;

Analyze the any of your choice for style, voice, and tone. Using NLP, create a prompt to write a new article in the same style, voice, and tone:


Add in human-written techniques

Ask ChatGPT it to work according to good advice you’ve read elsewhere. In the prompt below, I take some tips on persuasive writing from the Grammarly blog and ask it to apply them to my topic.

For Example;

Write a brief post about why copywriting is an essential skill in 2023. Use these strategies: – Use strong persuasive language – Ask questions to transition between paragraphs – Back up main points with evidence and examples – Speak directly to the reader


Have ChatGPT write from different perspectives

Ask it to write from the perspective of a group of characters with different backgrounds or viewpoints. Explore new ideas and perspectives, and add depth to your writing.

For Example;

Topic: Productivity for entrepreneurs For the above topic, write multiple perspectives from a group with different viewpoints. For each perspective, write in their own voice, using phrases that person would use.


Write in different styles or tones, such as satire or irony

Takeaway: By experimenting with different voices and perspectives, you can use ChatGPT to create more dynamic and varied content.

For Example

Give the most ironic, satirical advice you can about using ChatGPT to create more effective content.

Use ChatGPT to write in different formats

Ask ChatGPT to vary its output.

  • Outline
  • Mind map
  • Bullet points
  • Persuasive essay
  • Chunks of text of less than 280 characters
  • Using the structure: 1) What, 2) Why, 3) How

For Example;

Create a mind map on the topic of using Notion to stay organized as a content creator, listing out the central idea, main branches, and sub-branches.


Generate content with a specific purpose or goal in mind

Tell ChatGPT who your audience is and what you want to achieve with your content. Remember, it has no context about who you are or what you want unless you give it some. So give it context.

For Example;

Topic: How to grow your coaching business For audience: Business coaches

Content goal: Motivate audience to feel excited about growing their business while teaching them one tip.

Writing style: Clear, concise, conversational, down-to-earth, humble, experienced.


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Get creative with ChatGPT:

  • The more you experiment, the more you’ll discover
  • Try out new and unconventional ideas
  • Seek out new ways to find interesting and unique content angles Oh, and have a little fun, creating truly unique content in the process.

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