7 BEST AI DETECTION TOOL (so you don’t get penalized)


You don’t want to get penalized when noticed with AI detection tool, or do you? Recently in a time where Artificial Intelligence has dominated, it might be difficult to figure out which content is original because a lot of content creators have seen these AI tools to be the easiest and faster mode of dishing out content. This AI detection tools are most times use to achieve a swift feedback upon request.

The internet has diverse model of AI published contents and so, to ensure that your result are of top-notch quality, new and refined, it is quite essential to make the best use of AI detection tools to figure out loopholes and avoid penalty attached to plagiarism. When you copied other people’s collection of work that doesn’t belong to you, that’s a straightforward definition of “plagiarism”. I know you won’t love been issued an unwarranted punishment which is why you must put into consideration every aspect of AI detection tool that is being covered in this article. If you dread been penalized, then plagiarism is one sure thing you would need to abstain from when crafting your contents online.

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Since there are all manners of tools out there which can be difficult to select from, here are some best AI detection tools you can watch out for.

Heard about this before? This is one AI detection tool that can be confidently push out for you to verify its mode of operation. Although it isn’t free but it is rated high. It can successfully help achieve the goal of detecting the authenticity of any content through the help of natural language processing of all models like ChatGPT amongst others.


This tool span beyond just writing content but looked into other dimensions that helps improve your writing. It is an AI content detector you can as well use in analyzing your content to find out whether it is human-generated or AI-powered and it comes with a free feature and therefore makes it a detection tool you can subscribe to.


This is also a detection tool that investigate accurately the content that are developed with ChatGPT model like ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 with a few other language models. Without having to spend a penny, you can make use of the app to its maximum value.

GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room)

This AI detection tool is one of the best and to ascertain that, you can investigate how it works. It differentiate between human-written content and AI-powered content by using GPT2 generated automated text detection to analyze what it would have produced to the result gotten. There is a description display through color that would determine the outcome. In other words, this AI detection tool can be accessed for free.


This AI detection tool is also NLP based and uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze a given data that is supplied to this software tool. In addition, it is used for various purposes for instance in institutions for students, teachers, writers, bloggers, and even for SEO optimization. The sole purpose is to get original content and then place it side by side with several others to get the best result.


GPTZero is assumed one of the best AI detection tools that has so far served over 2.5million users around the globe ranging from organizations to educational sector. It is equally free for use and works with all ChatGPT models alongside other models to help identify and analyze a given data. In addition to it’s functionality, it indicates the totality of data generated with AI powered tool.


Aside from detecting plagiarism contents, sapling detection tool is also known to diversify in effecting solution to other issues that may arise from your written content. The tool is as well made available for free but are most importantly use by professionals in sales or customers support. You might want to try this out too.


Given these points, it’s simply to let you know that there are mediums to discovering plagiarism content which has been mentioned earlier on. In a more simple term, plagiarism or plagiarism content are those data gotten from another source which isn’t originally crafted by the individual who uses such content and publish them. To detect the authenticity of these content being discussed, using any of the AI detection tools that has been stated above is very essential. Each of them are best and therefore can be prescribe for your use.


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