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Nationalwatchng is a professional online news medium that is committed to the growth of Nigeria and Africa and World democracy through accurate reportage, holding governments accountable, human rights, and as a market place of ideas.

As its slogan “Journalism for strong Democracy” Nationalwatchng is committed to a Nigeria, Africa and world where Rule of Law and Democracy is the bed of the society.

Nationalwatchng is highly committed to a safe environment, that is void of environmental degradation, and is therefore interested in reports that aid the safety of the world ecosystem.

As a responsible news medium, Nationalwatchng has assembled a group of reporters and editors who are committed to a Nigeria, Africa and World, where Rule of Law, Democracy and Safety of the Ecosystem takes precedence.

We are against fake news, plagiarism, non-objective news reports and all anti of Rule of Law, democracy, Human rights and Safe Environment.

Therefore, feel free to contact us through our handles for partnership in upholding Nigeria, Africa and World democracy and safe ecosystem. Visit us at