Axa Home Insurance Review

YYAxa is one of the biggest worldwide insurers, was established in France in 1817, and now covers more than 10 million consumers in the UK. It provides a variety of insurance products, such as landlord insurance, private health insurance, and dental insurance, as well as home insurance, auto insurance, and travel insurance. This article will be focusing on Axa home insurance. Read along to learn more about this company!

AXA assists you in choosing an appropriate home insurance plan created to meet your requirements. You may customize a home insurance policy that is perfect for your house and lifestyle with its many add-ons and different policy types.

AXA insurance packages

  1. AXA First

This is made for customers who seek clear, easy-to-understand coverage without sacrificing quality. AXA First may provide you with affordable house insurance whether you are a first-time buyer or moving to a smaller home. Because AXA First is a bedroom-rated product, it is simple to trade, which makes it simpler for you to work with us.


AXA Extra is the best option For the majority of consumers, thanks to its large limits and affordable rates. This is the package for you if you have a big building or property. The exceptional levels of its coverage provide the security and range required for this sector of the market.

3. AXA residential let

AXA Residential Let is intended for landlords seeking a straightforward, cost-effective policy that doesn’t sacrifice coverage quality. They are aware that some landlords just need basic levels of protection for their properties. Thus, AXA Residential Let makes sure they have the right protection at a reasonable cost.

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Types of home insurance coverages

The three primary types of house insurance coverage offered by AXA are Buildings Insurance, Contents Insurance, and Buildings & Contents Insurance. Each of these is a little bit different to take into account the various needs that every client has and to help meet those needs.

  1. Building insurance

This provides protection for your physical structures, such as your home and any houses or sheds you may have. Additionally, it offers defense for your home’s fixed appliances, such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures. AXA’s buildings insurance makes sure that the structure of your property is safeguarded. They will compensate you if your building sustains damage due to unforeseen incidents like a storm, flood, or fire.

2. Content insurance

This offers security for any personal items you have in your house, such as jewelry, gadgets, or furniture. Renters who want to have their belongings protected might use this home insurance policy.

3. Building & content insurance

This policy covers coverage for physical structures, fixed appliances, and personal items. It is AXA’s most comprehensive home insurance plan. It is intended to assist in protecting the assets of people who own and reside in their own homes. They also provide a variety of optional extras that may be added to your policy at an additional cost if you want to increase the coverage for your house insurance.

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Advantages of home insurance coverages

  1. Protects your home

The fundamental goal of home insurance plans is to protect your primary residence, or the area of your home where you live. Consider having to deal with a complete loss brought on by a house fire or significant (and expensive) damage brought on by a hurricane or tornado.

2. Covers your home content

Home insurance covers all the furnishings, electronics, appliances, and other personal items that your policy would cover.  You may be entitled to partial or whole reimbursement if an event occurs, depending on the precise terms of your policy.

3. Covers unexpected expenses

You will incur hotel, food, and travel costs if a covered event forces you to vacate your house while it is being repaired or rebuilt. Your house insurance’s loss of use provision will, up to a degree, provide coverage for them. This is yet another advantage of having home insurance; it takes care of much more than just fixing broken shingles!

4. Liability coverage

You really can’t afford to not get home insurance for this reason alone. If someone gets hurt on your property, the medical bills you’re very high and you might be held accountable. This is where home insurance comes in handy.

Does AXA offer discount benefits?

At AXA, they recognize the significance of selecting an appropriate insurance policy for your house at an affordable price. For this reason, they provide a variety of discounts to customers who purchase home insurance. This includes a no-claims bonus of up to 30%, a discount of 15% for submitting an online application for home insurance, as well as a 10% cautious homeowner’s discount. You must have a certified, functional intruder alarm system to qualify for their homeowner’s discount.

AXA home coverages ratings

Defaqto has awarded the AXA HomeSafe and HomeSure products a five-star rating. In addition, it has a 4.5 out of 5 rating for customer service from more than 66,000 customers on Feefo. AXA was named the best house insurance company for the period 2021–2022, according to the Personal Finance Award.

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How to apply for AXA home coverage

There are several options available to you if you want to apply for a home insurance quotation with AXA.

  • Online: Fill out their form for a quotation on house insurance to apply online.
  • By phone: Dial 0330 024 8086 to reach their team, and they will give you a price.
  • Visit one of the AXA branches to speak with a team member in person.

Final thoughts

Axa home insurance is available in three tiers to accommodate a variety of needs and price ranges. These are also adaptable and may be customized to meet specific needs with add-ons like accidental damage, legal fees, and home aid coverage. You can select from their HomeSmart, HomeSure, and HomeSafe levels of coverage, as well as a variety of add-ons that will provide you with additional security.  Additionally, building insurance and contents insurance from Axa are available for purchase individually. Axa is one of the best insurance companies out there with the high level of flexibility offered.

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