Bandits have forced farmers to abandon their crops -Andrew laments to journalists.

The National Christian Forum’s Anambra State chapter has issued a warning about an approaching food shortage in Nigeria.

Pastor Andrew Aversion, the organization’s president, told journalists in Nnewi, Anambra State, on Monday that rebels and criminals have forced farmers to abandon their crops.

He said, “Insurgents and bandits have taken over farmlands, it is so bad to the extent that Nigerians now pay taxes and levies to the insurgents so as to stay alive.

“The Federal Government is aware of this dangerous development but the individuals in the corridors of power have continued to play the ostrich over the issue.

“The North has always been the food basket of the nation but people can no longer go to the farm in the North, the same thing is happening in the Southern part of the country where Fulani herdsmen have made farming practically impossible.”

The cleric also encouraged the authorities to quit playing politics with the issue of insurgency in the North and to assist the war against insurgency to the fullest extent possible.

He stated that the time had come for Christians to reawaken and become more engaged in politics in the country.

In terms of his aspirations for the general elections in 2023, he asked Nigerians to vote for those that have the ability to move the country ahead.

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