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Best Platforms to Build an Online Community on


Are you looking out for the best platforms to build an online community? I believe you can relate to your immediate environment when discussing what a community stands for. Nevertheless, that isn’t our focus. While you follow closely, our referent here is a community that can conveniently take up a larger population of different species of individuals within the confinement of a software application and the use of the internet.

In other words, in simple terms definition, an online community can be described as a meeting point where people of different backgrounds come together to learn basic things that are of classic value. Some people go as far as building targeted customers for their businesses, while others for links and connections, improved communication, networking and collaboration, amongst others. People within such community share a common interest and goals.

There is so much to offer if you are a beneficiary of such a community especially when it is one of the very best platforms acceptable to the general public. In addition, one most exciting features about an online community is that you get to approach and then interact with the personality that may seem difficult in reality to get across to effortlessly as far as you all are housed in a that serves the purpose of a community to bring you people together.

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Discourse is a modern open-source platform that can serve you if you are on the look out for the best platforms to build an online community. Its aim is to foster invaluable conversation or discussion that may ensue among members that make up such a group. Discourse works in some analyzable ways that aren’t difficult to comprehend for instance, it is mobile-friendly and it outlines discussions based on topics, encourages users or participates through engagements of post via upvoting or liking specified post when it resonates with community members, provides a real-time update that makes the discussion more dynamic. That way, you don’t need to refresh your page, and of utmost importance, it allows for personal interaction and collaboration amongst others. There the free software that you can install for free from the cloud but other prices vary depending on the size of the community you are projecting.


Discord is another best platform that accommodates large community members. You can build your online community on the platform which has recorded over 150 million users monthly of which a larger percentage is the youth. This conversation revolves around certain shared interests. Beyond just gaming, the platform features conversation within the community through videos, voice and text within a single interface. The significance of discord therefore can’t be overemphasized. You do not have to pay a dime to build a community here if you are planning on venturing into it.

Facebook Group

A larger population has this Facebook application software running on their devices which simply means that it’s something we all can relate to. However, only a lower percentage knows that there is more to just chatting or scrolling through the post on their page. Do you know you can as well build an online community here? An environment where you can be visible, and share your knowledge and skills with people who are curiously interested in them. An amazing thing here is that creating and building such a community comes with no monetary request. It is just on your end to build. Hope you can consider checking it out here.


LinkedIn is one of the online spaces you may need to try out to build your online community even though it majorly features a professionalism world. It is also an avenue to share, connect and learn from diverse conversations of numerous personalities. In utilizing LinkedIn, you must be specific in narrowing down what your niche or field focuses on in your community to avoid bringing in the wrong audience.

Telegram Group

Telegram is another best platform to build an online community aside from its messaging features. It allows you create a public channel where you can bring together large followers to be updated on the activities of the group. Telegram has two group categories: the private which can be joined through an invite-only and the public which is made available through a link. You can also have insightful discussions that would be beneficial to members of your community.


Among many platforms you can build an online community, we have examined a few that you can try out to start developing your community. Do not forget that a community brings people from different backgrounds together with the sole purpose of gaining insightful lessons through meaningful discussions, knowledge acquisition through interactions with community members, networking and collaborations amongst others. All of these and more are what you stand to gain when you build a community on a platform that gives you the freedom you need to explore the space.

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