Cross river invests N200m in fishing.

N200 million has been set aside by the Cross River Basin Development Authority (CRBDA) for the construction of a fish pond. Before the pond and other river basin authority infrastructure were vandalized by #EndsSARS demonstrators fourteen months ago, the notion of refurbishing the pond was floated.

At a press conference, Cross River Development Authority spokesman Jackson John claimed that the pond’s potential would be enhanced by the procurement of 10,000 fingerlings. He said that the river basin administration had already completed plans for the pond before demonstrators desecrated the property and disrupted the project.

According to the agency, it runs a small Shongai Integrated Farm with chickens, fish ponds, pigsty, mushroom garden, and greenhouses. The agency claimed to have completed extensive restorations and erected structures that were superior to those that were demolished.

“During the #EndSARS protest, our greenhouses were destroyed and all chicks looted, but as we speak now, we have restocked them.

“Before the protest, we had about 5,000 chicks, but now we have capacity for about 10,000 broilers and layers.

“We were working on a drip irrigation system but the protest disrupted the entire activity and most facilities were vandalised. We are bringing them back soon,’’ John said.

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