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Never heard of “digital landlord” before? Worry no more; we will look into some of those things that encompass the subject matter. At least, you must have heard on numerous occasions about who a landlord is. A landlord is a person either a man or woman who acquires a property to rent it out for a fee. Put another way, a property owner who holds the legal rights to a piece of land, or building and grants others the right to occupy it for a specified period in return for financial compensation.

Now to digital landlord; this goes beyond the physical landed properties that were explained earlier. Digital landlords offers cloud services. This is a person who creates, owns and manages domains and websites. People seek their services for different reasons, some of which are; cloud computing in terms of storage, e-commerce for entrepreneurs, website hosting, and selling domain names. The internet is the gateway to access these properties.

Furthermore, if you are hoping to get started in the business, we will examine some ways in the later part of this article as you read on. Before then, below are some of the responsibility of a digital landlord.

What Digital Landlords Do

It’s important to note that their work can vary depending on the kind of service they deliver. Some of them are:

• They help generate interest and inquiries for business personnel who would need to attract customers to their business.

• For clients, they help keep a consistent and strategic presence, monitor trends and build relationships with audiences on social media platforms.

• They assist clients in promoting their products and services through their digital channels like websites.

5 Ways to Get Started As a Digital Landlord

Choose Your E-Assets (Niche)

Selecting your area of interest should be a priority while you are on your journey to becoming a digital landlord. Carefully select an area you will focus on, learn properly and grow gradually in it until you become an expert in it. Make sure your concentration is on something that would generate income for you later on as you progress in the business.

Gain Knowledge of Digital Space

You should know about how digital platforms operate and the type of audience you will be dealing with. For instance, a comprehensive knowledge of SEO as a digital landlord would skyrocket the visibility of your website to rank high in SERP. This way, it can generate more traffic into your page.

Build Your Assets on Digital Landlord

Once you get to this stage based on your selected field of interest, you can go on to either acquire assets or build them from scratch. Having identified your need, engage a team of developers, project manager and designers to assist you in building customized software or application that matches your goal. If you are acquiring, while testing, you should access the software whether it meet your need as a digital landlord and enhance the smooth tenant experience.

Monetize Your Assets

At this level, there are diverse ways you can make money as a digital landlord which I believe you would be anxious to know. It’s quite easy to make money when you follow through each of these channels; you can rent, and advertise for clients that need your service to project their brands to a wider audience, affiliate marketing, and subscription models to serve as a means of income.

Optimize and Expand Digital Landlord

As you scale up your digital properties services, you must consider expanding your portfolio by providing top-notch content in the form of videos, articles, and software for your digital properties that cater for the need of your targeted audience. In sequence with this, you can also move to another level of real estate and possibly diversify into another niche to extend your wings.

In addition, focus on delivering a seamless user-friendly experience system to automate the necessary task by using tools that serve this purpose.


At the beginning of this article, it was looking strange which left you wondering what digital landlord could simply mean. We’ve looked critically into the fact that a digital landlord is related to the usual landlord who deals with building structures. better still, their interest are in landed properties or real estate properties as the case may be. That one deals with physical properties but this isn’t the case for digital landlords. A digital landlord business revolves around online space, for example, rent of domains, websites, etc.

Therefore, to become one, you need to carefully pass through each stage that has been explained above. They are choosing a niche, getting knowledge on digital space, building assets, monetising it and expanding. Once you are able to follow through, you are good to go.


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