Types And Benefits Of Endowment Policy

Endowment policy aids policyholders in routinely saving over a certain length of time in addition to providing life insurance coverage for the insured. With such deliberate saving, the policyholder can obtain a lump amount or a recurring income to meet long-term financial needs like children’s education, marriage, retirement objectives, etc. In the tragic event that the policyholder passes away, the endowment plan offers his or her beneficiaries significant financial support.

Endowment insurance programs, in essence, satisfy the requirement for both a life insurance policy and savings under a single plan. Any life insurance plan that has a saving element and a lump sum insurance reward is therefore considered to be an endowment plan.

Endowment policies

Types and benefits of Endowment policy


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Types of endowment insurance coverages

  1. Full endowment plans

These plans, sometimes called with-profit endowment plans, guarantee you a certain sum after the policy period, or sum assured. If a bad thing happens during this time, the insurer pays this amount to your nominee.

However, because the insurer provides you with extra cash in the form of incentives, the maturity benefit you receive when the policy matures is typically greater than the sum insured. As a result, full endowments can help you amass a sizable amount of money over time.

2. Low-cost endowment

As its name implies, the premium for this plan is lower compared to other endowment plans. This means you can save money for payments that won’t be due for a while. The insurance will ensure the sum your nominee would get in an emergency. The amount you’ll get when you retire is also increased by yearly bonuses.

The main objective is to establish a fund within a certain time frame. Thus, this kind of endowment might be utilized to pay for loan repayments or particular life goals.

3. Non-profit endowment

This policy provides you with a lump sum payment upon maturity or, in the event of a catastrophic event, to your nominee. The payout amount does not change because the insurer does not include bonuses with these plans. The financial security that these plans provide for your family while you are abroad is great.

4. Unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs)

Though the term “endowment plan” is more frequently used to refer to the plans we just examined before, (ULIPs) are technically forms of endowment plans. When a ULIP policy reaches maturity, the units that were purchased with the policyholder’s premiums are utilized to pay for the cost of the policy. For this kind of policy, no specific sum has been decided upon. The performance of the units affects the value at maturity.

5. Unitized With-Profit Endowment Plan

These plans combine the high earning potential of ULIPs with guaranteed returns to shield your funds from market fluctuations. The size of the benefit from these plans is decided by the capital market. However, these plans lessen the effects of market downturns by ensuring a payout at maturity. Regardless of market volatility, you will always get your guaranteed repayment. This sum is paid to your nominee while you are absent. You can therefore consider this plan to be a risk-free investment with a high potential return.

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Benefits of endowment policies

For a clearer understanding of endowment policy, consider it a means to create a risk-free savings system while simultaneously giving your family financial security in the event of the unthinkable. If you’re still not convinced, the following advantages of endowment plan can help you see things more clearly:

  1. Adds your savings

Endowment plans have shown that the phrase “More money, more difficulties” is a myth. The higher quality education you can give your child depends on how much money you have. With an endowment plan, you don’t have to wait for some unlucky event as a policyholder before paying out to your beneficiary. As a result, you will have some extra cash in addition to your wage and savings.

2. Financial emergencies

We can’t forecast the future and are unsure of what will happen next. If we did, we’d be definitely ready for it. However, it is always preferable to be safe than sorry. Financial difficulties can occasionally worsen if there is an emergency on top of it all. Therefore, having an endowment plan would be beneficial as it will have a certain amount of money guaranteed over time. Additionally, there could be unforeseen circumstances, such as unexpected medical expenses or a legal need. With this plan, you will always be ready.

3. Helps in early retirement

You can retire early thanks to endowment insurance plans. Everything is done according to a prepared schedule. In other words, we have goals and desires to fulfill before a certain age, then we want to start a family, and then we want to retire. We don’t always have the money, though. However, with this plan, you can accumulate the necessary savings and retire whenever you like by comprehending the genuine meaning of this plan.

Why should I get an endowment policy?

If you want to combine investment, insurance and tax savings, endowment plans are a fantastic choice. When considering buying one, keep the benefit of assured returns in mind. The amount you invest is secure because the guaranteed sum will be paid out at maturity. Regular bonuses will help you gain more money. And even after you’ve retired, having a consistent income until you’re 99 years old provides financial security.  All of this, along with the monetary security offered by life insurance, make this policy an all-arounder. You can accomplish all of your financial goals at once thanks to it.

The bottom line

Nowadays, people see life insurance as a foolproof way to guarantee their children a bright future. In truth, it offers several advantages, however, an endowment life insurance plan includes the benefits listed above and helps in safeguarding the future. You should now have a better understanding of what an endowment policy is and why you should buy the endowment plan. What’s next? Start setting aside money now to ensure the safety and security of your future family.


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