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How to Get Expedited Passport (Use this Easy Step to Get it)

Getting a new passport, and renewing an expiring passport, all come with no stress, it is, however, interesting to know that with the Expedited Passport service you can renew your passport quickly and it saves you stress and time.

these process saves you the stress of waiting for a long couple of months to get your passport done and ready for your use.

Stay with me through this journey as we get to see for yourself how helpful getting your passport Expedited can be.,,

Expedited Passport

The meaning of expediting is to hasten or speed up a procedure. With this option, the application process to apply for a new passport, renewal of an expired passport or other passport-related matters is shortened.

However, It wi take over 3 weeks or less or even be renewed in as little as 24 hours when expedited with a passport expeditor agency such as 24-Hour Passport and Visas.

Ask yourself these questions before beginning any passport application process:

In what time duration do you require your passport?

  • need your passport immediately or is there an urgent situation? Utilize the expedited passport service that 24 Hour Passport and Visas have to offer if time is your most precious resource. One day is the shortest time frame for expediting passports. You can visit our website or contact our regional office in your area for further details.

Is cost a problem for you?

  • Expedited passport service comes with additional fees along with fees charged by the government. The client is charged by 24 Hour Passport and Visas in order to accelerate the processing of the application.

Even if you do not require to expedite your passport, it is good to obtain the knowledge! It can be useful when unexpected circumstances take place. 24 Hour Passport and Visas provide the following expedited services:

  1. New U.S. Passport
  2. Second Valid Passport
  3. U.S. Passport Renewal
  4. Replace Lost or Stolen Passport
  5. Child Passport
  6. Passport Name Change
  7. Passport Gender Change
  8. U.S Passport Card
  9. Visa Service

How much does it cost to expedite a passport?

For adults, the government charge is an extra $190 ($130 + $60), while for minors under 16, it is $160 ($100 + $60). 

It is paid directly to the US Department of State by personal check or money order is not covered by the cost of the expediting service and is included with your application when it is sent to RushMyPassport.

If you wish to add a passport card, there is an additional fee of $30 for adults or $15 for children under 16

Expedited Passport Renewal

You have a last-minute opportunity to take the vacation of a lifetime, but you don’t have a passport, and you never imagined it would happen to you! Or perhaps you have a passport, but you just found out it’s expired, and your flight departs in a few days. 

Regardless of the circumstance, you urgently need a passport. The usual wait time for passport services through the post office is presently 8 to 11 weeks, but don’t be worried! 

We’ll lead you through the process of obtaining an expedited passport step-by-step.

Step 1: Identify How Soon You Need Your Passport

If You require some kind of expedited passport service if you intend to leave the country within the following eight weeks. 

It’s critical to pick the appropriate expediting option from the list below if you want to receive your passport on time.

Expedited Passport Service at the Post Office

At the post office, you can ask for expedited service (or another passport acceptance office). Along with your standard application payments, you must also pay a $60 expedite charge. Additionally, there is an extra shipping charge for overnight delivery. At the post office, expediting will only ensure 5-7 week service. Your passport will be delayed if there are any problems with your

Expedited Service at a Passport Agency

You can schedule an appointment at one of the State Department’s regional passport offices if your departure is in eight days or fewer. If you require a visa before your trip and are going within the next month, you may also be able to schedule an appointment. Generally speaking, passport offices will provide your passport to you within 8 business days. However, they’ll make an effort to accommodate you if you need it sooner.

You will pay the same additional $60 expedite cost at a local passport agency as you would if you were requesting expedited service at the post office.

What’s the catch? There are only 26 regional passport agencies serving the entire country. So, you may have to travel to get to the nearest one.

Additionally, appointments are frequently necessary, and passport offices typically have a limited schedule of hours. If you work during the day and can’t get time off, this may not be an option for you.

The use of a passport expediting service

If you can’t make it to the local regional passport agency or don’t want to because you’re in too much of a hurry to wait for the post office, you might think about hiring a passport expediting service. Your application materials will be personally delivered by a registered passport expediting service to the Department of State for processing in as low as 7 business days. They will then send your new passport back to you, generally the following day.

Even if you have 8-11 weeks before you leave, an expediting company might be a good idea.  Some companies offer a less expensive, basic option that still gets your passport to you in 5-8 weeks.  Using an expediter reduces the chance of mistakes that could delay your application. If there is a holdup at the passport office, the expediting company can inform you immediately so you can correct it

However, place an order as soon as possible if you choose to employ an expedited service. You pay the expediting business when you place the order so they may take care of your application. You’ll then need to pay the government fees on an individual basis. Yes, you must also pay the $60 government expedite fee.

Step 2:  Gather Your Documents

The expediting business you are working with will probably assist you in assembling the necessary paperwork. At RushMyPassport, they provide with a thorough checklist and designate a case manager to assist you with any inquiries or issues.

What documents do you need to get a passport? It depends. Below, we’ve listed the requirements for the most common passport scenarios.

  • Proof of Identity: State Department-approved photo IDs include a driver’s license or state ID card, a previous US passport or passport card, Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of Citizenship, military ID or government ID card. You’ll need the original and a photocopy of the front and back.
  • Proof of Citizenship:  Submit either a previous US passport, a certified birth certificate, a Certificate of Naturalization, a Certificate of Citizenship, or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.
  • One passport photo.
  • Passport fees. For new passports, there’s an application fee of $130 for a passport book, $30 for a passport card and $160 for both. There’s also an execution fee of $35, as well as a $60 expedite fee. Learn more about passport fees here.
  • Passport Application Form DS-11
  • Going to a Passport Agency or using an expediting service?  You’ll need a copy of your itinerary, too. However, business travelers who haven’t booked a flight yet can use a letter from their employer.

Step 3: Fill out the application

After that, complete the application. Fill out the form online and print it if you can. By doing this, you can prevent the passport office from holding up your application because they couldn’t read your handwriting.

You can pick up a copy of the application at the post office if you don’t have access to a printer. Fill it out properly and in black ink

When utilizing Form DS-11, wait to sign it until you are in front of a post office employee.

Step 4:  Go to the passport office (if required)

Even if you use a passport expediting service, you’ll need to visit the post office unless you’re renewing your passport through mail.

The post office will assess your paperwork and forward your application to the State Department for processing in 5-7 weeks if you aren’t using an expedited service.The passport agent will “seal” your application package for you if you are working with an expedited company. You’ll follow the company’s instructions to mail your application to them for processing within the time limit you selected.

Step 5: Wait for your new passport to arrive

The only thing left to do at this point is wait. You can follow your application if you expedited through the post office here.

You should get updates on your order while it is processed if you used expediting services. If you use RushMyPassport, you may monitor your purchase. If you have any other questions, representatives are accessible via phone, email, or live chat.
Need a passport, fast? Don’t have the time or the patience for a trip to a passport agency? Check out our expedited passport services.

How Long Does It Take To Get an Expedited Passport

Sometimes a passport is required in less than six to eight weeks. Then, you could decide to apply for expedited passport services. 

However, expedited passport processing is one of the most popular passport services. Both first-time applicants and those renewing their passports may use expedited passport processing.

Passport services in Washington, DC, can expedite passports in cases where travel is necessary right away.

Depending on your circumstance and the dates of your departure, the processing period for an expedited passport varies.

You should have evidence of your trip arrangements available when you apply for an expedited passport, such as an official itinerary or an airline ticket.

Your application for an expedition will proceed more quickly if you can convince the authorities that you really need it.

The typical processing period for passports might be up to 8 weeks. The average person believes that 8 weeks (2 months) is too long to wait, especially if they made last-minute arrangements or their current passport is about to expire.

Another frequent cause for using passport expedition services is losing a passport close to the travel date.

A passport service like SharpLink can speed up the passport application process in Washington, DC, for an extra cost.

However, it takes around three weeks to get a normal expedited passport. If you require a passport more quickly, SharpLink is a service that may have it ready in three, five or even the same day.

It is not unusual to expedite a passport on the same day; in fact, this is one of the causes for the existence of services like SharpLink.

Suddenly needing to travel and having to deal with an expedited passport can be stressful. However, The process of expedited passport is greatly facilitated when you use passport services like SharpLink and other well know related company services as well.

Expedited Passport US

An expedited passport is a speedy way of getting your passport done in the Us. this process is done as quickly as you want but also you should know that certain fees are paid to make the process faster and enable you to get it just in time.

Expedited Passport Services

Do you need to obtain a passport in the right amount of time to meet your departure date?

Are you looking for expedited passport services? Even if it’s been ten years since your passport book expired

Well, expedited processing is an optional service available to those who cannot wait 10 to 12 weeks to get a passport. The estimated time to expedite an application by mail or through an application acceptance facility is 4 to 6 weeks.

The same procedures as for ordinary processing apply when seeking speedier service: fill out the application, acquire the necessary paperwork, and submit the form.

The distinctions are that you must provide proof of your travel arrangements and that you must increase your payment for the expedited service cost by $60.

please be advised that the address for accelerated processing is different from the address for ordinary processing. This address is where the application and supporting papers should be delivered. The form includes the address.

Additional steps to ensure your passport is expedited quickly:

  1. Write the word “expedite” on the envelope.
  2. Use an express delivery method that is traceable.

Add the overnight delivery fee to the payment.


Wow, it’s being amazing so far, should I say am proud of the world already and how far it has progressed.

Who would have thought that there is a faster and more reliable way of getting your passport renewed and also getting it replaced if missing or in any way damaged?

I hope this article helpful and was also able to open your eyes to a new light, it opened mine and now am able to make a quicker decision in replacing and getting a new passport, what a relief.


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