Five people dead in shooting spree, US Police recovers two guns.

The death toll from a shooting spree in numerous Colorado sites that ended with the gunman being shot dead has grown to five, according to authorities.

The shooting spree began around 5:00 p.m. Monday and spread to at least four different locations in Denver and Lakewood, according to police, who had previously put the death toll at four.

According to police, two people were slain and a man was injured in the first site in Denver, while another man was shot and died outside his home.

The gunman then traveled to Lakewood, where he fatally shot another man at the Lucky 13 tattoo parlor and injured another person.

Lakewood officers were able to identify the shooter as he switched sites using information acquired from previous assaults.

According to authorities, the shooter entered a retail center and fatally shot a female employee.

In the shopping center, he was confronted by a police officer who told him to lay down his weapon. The officer was wounded in the ensuing firefight, but the suspect was killed.

The gunman was “pronounced dead on the scene”, said Lakewood police spokesman John Romero. He added that the police officer was “doing well” but that she would need further surgery.

The shooter’s motivations were unknown, but police said that “based on what we know, it does appear that the offender was targeting specific people.”

Police were able to recover two guns.

Gun violence is a major concern in the United States, according to gun control proponents, who say the problem is exacerbated by the widespread availability of firearms and the country’s permissive gun laws.

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