How To buy shares in Nigeria – Step by Step Guide

Shares are an essential investment for your financial portfolio. Owning Facebook stock, as well as shares of companies like UBA Bank, Dangote Group, MTN, and Coca-Cola, may help you increase your savings. They protect your money from inflation and taxes and maximize your investment return. It is essential to understand that stock inv and shares of companies like UBA Bank, Dangote Group, MTN, and Coca-Colaestment has risks, which is why this article explains how to buy shares in Nigeria and its benefits. Let’s dive in!

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How to buy shares in Nigeria; steps to and shares of companies like UBA Bank, Dangote Group, MTN, and Coca-Cola follow

Create an account with a broker

Creating an account with a financial brokerage company, which will act as your conduit to the Nigerian stock market, is the first step in buying shares in Nigeria.

Make a deposit and obtain an ID.

Deposit money into the account and then get your trade number. Your trade number will serve as your identification on the Nigerian stock exchange.

Study the Nigerian stock exchange.

Research the stocks or shares you intend to buy before buying shares in Nigeria, so that you can make the best choice. To start, you must gain a thorough understanding of the stock market. To develop experience, start small and avoid buying many stocks. You can also purchase and sell Nigerian shares using a demo account without taking any risks. Avoiding online deception, mental distortion, disinformation, and manipulation is also advisable.

Determine the type of demand

You should choose the kind of demand when buying shares in Nigeria. This is done by analyzing the asking price and the bid price at the point of purchase.

The asking price is the cost at which sellers are prepared to part with their stock. The price that potential buyers are willing to pay to purchase a share is known as the bid price. The “spread” is the name given to this discrepancy.

Start purchasing

Following the completion of the steps above, you can start purchasing shares of Nigerian stock through the Nigerian stock exchange, your brokerage, or even by getting in touch with your financial advisor at the stock exchange.

Keep evaluating your portfolio

It is not sufficient to just purchase shares in Nigeria. You must also determine whether the shares in your portfolio are still suitable for you to avoid losing money on shares that are no longer suitable for your goals.

How to buy shares in Nigeria: What should you do before buying shares?

  1. You must evaluate your financial resources, establish your investment goals, and be fully prepared to take on responsibilities before investing.
  2. You must know that the Nigerian stock market often fluctuates as a result of supply and demand, corporate performance, and world events.
  3. You need to have a well-defined investing goal. Is entertainment the goal, or money and investment?
  4. You must also be enthusiastic about developing a plan for your investing process.  This includes when to buy, sell, and keep things as they are.

Now that you are ready to buy shares, the next question is knowing the best time to buy shares in Nigeria.

Best time to buy shares in Nigeria.

The best time to purchase shares in Nigeria is “buying the dip” as a high-return strategy. Investors that want to strengthen their stock market position and make long-term returns employ this tactic.

When the price of a company’s share drops significantly and unexpectedly, buying the drop appears as a trading strategy. This is because novice investors sell their shares quickly to avoid further losses, while seasoned investors buy as many shares as possible. They believe that when it is at its lowest, it will eventually rise again, bringing about significant gains over the long run. This strategy has proved effective over the long run and is highly recommended.

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Benefits of buying stocks in Nigeria

Value appreciation

In general, shares and stocks perform better in the long term than cash or fixed-income securities like bonds. Stocks are priced differently, though. Investors may decide to employ a long term plan for their stock portfolio because stock market movements tend to lose their impact with time.


You must know how to buy shares in Nigeria because taxes and inflation can reduce your wealth. Investors can, however benefit from favorable long-term tax treatment by purchasing equities, which can lessen the adverse effects of these two factors.


Some businesses give their shareholders dividends and other special distributions so they can earn more money from their investments. Also, Nigerian stocks have a favorable tax status that allows their owners to keep a higher portion of their profits. (Note that dividends received by companies with their headquarters outside of Nigeria are taxed differently.)

Capital growth and diversification

Prices for stocks fluctuate over time. When a stock’s price increases, you can decide to sell it for a profit.  Diversification is an essential part of any investment strategy. It can assist you in avoiding long-term investments in the same business that could result in financial loss.

If you want to take advantage of chances for global growth, you can diversify your investments by picking companies from different sectors. You also have options regarding how much you want to be invested in each sector.

Plans for the future

One of the easiest ways to prepare for the future is to invest in the stock market. Buying stocks entitles you to a small share of a company’s ownership. You will be able to determine whether it is worthwhile to invest additional money in that firm’s stock after seeing how much profit that company makes each quarter.

There are many types of investments available on the Nigerian stock exchange. Knowing how to buy shares in Nigeria is very important. The key is finding out which one suit you best depending on your financial situation and risk tolerance level. The good part is that stocks are highly-liquid; that is, you can quickly sell them when you need cash. This is why it is highly recommended to buy stocks. What are you waiting for? Take a step and buy your first stocks today!

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