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How to check Mtn Data balance In Nigeria

With billions of users today, MTN is one of Nigeria’s biggest and most well-known telecommunications companies. Voice calls, SMS, and the internet have been among MTN’s most famous connection offerings since the company entered the Nigerian market in 2001. MTN customers can now select from various bundles based on their demands for browsing, calling, and messaging. Do you know how to check MTN data balance in Nigeria to prevent service interruptions?

How to check Mtn Data balance?

There are two ways to check how much data is left on your MTN SIM. They are; USSD Code Method and SMS Method


This method works perfectly on all phones, including Androids, Windows, iPhones, and tablets. You can check your remaining data bundle balance on MTN with these simple USSD code

  • USSD Code Method 1: Dial *559*4# or *559# to check your Mb/Gb data balance quickly.
  • USSD Code Method 2: Dial *131*4# to check the data balance and expect a response message from the network.

SMS method

This is another great method if the USSD code isn’t working on your phone. You can also check your GB/MB on MTN SIM using the SMS method. Here’s how it works;

Type and send ‘STATUS or BALANCE’ without quotes to 131. (You will receive a response showing the size and expiry date of your current MTN Internet subscription).

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How to buy MTN data plans and bundles

MTN has made it easy for its users to obtain affordable data plans, allowing them to access the internet easily. In Nigeria, getting an MTN data package is the best way to get a fast and stable internet connection. The following are some MTN data packages and bundles you can get!

  • Daily Plans
  • Monthly Plans
  • 2-Monthly Plans
  • Always -On bundle

Daily plans

Daily plans are the most popular MTN’s cheapest data plan. These offers are valid for 24 hours. Some daily plans include:

  • 40 MB for N50
  • 100 MB for N100
  • 100MB for 350MB (TikTok/IG/Youtube)
  • 200 for 200MB(2 days)
  • 300 for 1GB
  • 500GB for 2GB(2 days)

Weekly Plan

Most users buy the MTN weekly data plans, which is due to the low costs. These plans are ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time on their phones surfing the web.

  • N200 for 1GB (TikTok/IG/Youtube)
  • N300 for 350GB
  • N500 for 1.5GB
  • N500 for 750MB (2-week plan)
  • N1500 for 6GB
  • N1000 for 2GB

Monthly Plan

If you consume a lot of data, you will probably need more than what standard packs can provide. Mtn offers a unique monthly data plan for the most active internet customers. The following are good plans for 30 days:

  • N1000 for 1.5GB
  • N1200 for 2GB
  • N1500 for 3GB
  • N2000 for 1.5GB
  • N2500 for 6GB
  • N3500 for 12GB
  • N5000 for 20GB
  • N6000 for 25GB

2-3 months plan

If you find the weekly or monthly plans unreliable, this package is for you. Here are some available plans:

  • N8000 for 30GB (60 days)
  • N20000 for 100GB (60 days)
  • N30000 for 160GB (60 days)
  • N50000 for 400GB (90 days)
  • N75000 for 600GB (90 days)

Always-On bundle

Always-on bundles are for users who want to be online at all times. Some of these bundles are

  • N60 for 200MB (24hours)
  • N150 for 450MB (7 days)
  • N3000 for 15GB (30 days)
  • N6000 for 45GB (30 days)

The above-listed plans are the most popular plans purchased by MTN users. There are other data plans available. All you have to do is dial *131#, and a wide range of plans will be made available to you.

How to check Mtn data balance in Nigeria: Mtn Tariff plans

MTN has a wide variety of cheap call, SMS, and data services. All MTN tariff plans have bonuses and specifications. Consider call rates and data charges when choosing a tariff. These information on MTN tariff plans and benefits can help you find the cheapest MTN tariff plan to use.

Mtn Pulse

The MTN Pulse tariff plan is perfect if you want to make cheap calls and browse the internet using inexpensive MTN data. Due to its several advantages for phone users, youths comprise most of this MTN plan’s members. Some of its benefits are:

  • You can call networks in Nigeria for 11.26 kobo per second after spending N15.36 daily.
  • You will be awarded special data bundles: 750MB for N300 (the data is valid for only 3 days) and 1.5GB for N500 (the data for a week)
  • You get Pulse points after activating a data bundle, and you can exchange these points for free data.

MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid

The MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid tariff enables you to enjoy calls at a flat rate of 15.36 kobo per second to all networks in Nigeria and to twelve international countries. If you want to know how to MTN data balance in Nigeria efficiently and make international calls, then this is the perfect tariff for you. Below are additional benefits of MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid:

  • On every first recharge of the month, you get a 10MB data bonus.
  • You make calls at 15.36 kobo per second for local networks in Nigeria.
  • You can call twelve international countries at 15.36 kobo per second.
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MTN Xtra Value

This tariff plan gives you airtime for local SMS & calls and international calls to selected destinations. You also get free data after subscribing to any XtraValue Bundle plan. It is available in two categories, XtraTalk and XtraData.

MTN Xtra Value cart

XtraValue Carte tariff gives you the flexibility to mix and match bundles. You can mix your bundles from a bouquet of national, international, roaming voice and data services to form a personalized bundle.


Which MTN plan gives a bonus when you recharge? It is the AWUF4U tariff. The plan rewards subscribers with a 400% airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 & above or 275% on every recharge between N1 & N99. Other plans include MTN Yafun Yafun, MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid, MTN TrueTalk, and MTN BetaTalk.

Knowing how to check MTN balance in Nigeria is important to avoid sudden disconnection from the internet when browsing. Follow the steps above to check your data balance now!

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