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How To convert MTN points to airtime in Nigeria

You can earn free points by making calls and activating your chosen internet bundles on your MTN line. These points can also be used to get free Megabytes for browsing. Discover the process for converting your MTN pulse points to airtime. Can it be done? How should I apply pulse points? Can I use my MTN points to purchase airtime?  Continue to know How To convert MTN points to airtime in Nigeria!

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What are pulse points?

Pulse points are rewards given to MTN subscribers on the Pulse tariff plan. It is awarded to customers when they make calls, send messages, buy data, or transact on their MTN sim. Customers using the myMTN NG app also get free points for MB and airtime transfers.

You must know how to convert MTN points to airtime in Nigeria because these points are useful when you want to create a quick . However, the number of points needed for a sizable monthly bundle is much, given how long it will take to acquire those points.

How To convert MTN points to airtime in Nigeria (to purchase Data)

There are a few things you must know before knowing how to convert MTN pulse points to airtime. You must be on the Pulse tariff plan. If not, you must first migrate to MTN Pulse to quality for free Pulse Points occasionally. Here are the steps to convert pulse points into airtime to buy data:

  • Open your mobile phone dialer and simply dial *406#.
  • To select Pulse Points, reply with ‘7‘.
  • Reply with ‘1‘ to select Redeem Data Bundle.
  • Next, select daily or weekly, or monthly MB from the list.
  • You will see the list on your screen after choosing any of the options. Please choose a plan based on the Pulse points you currently have.

Can you transfer your pulse point to another MTN line?

After knowing how to convert MTN points to airtime in Nigeria, You might be wondering can transfer your pulse point to another MTN line. No! These free points cannot be transferred. MTN pulse points can only be converted to airtime (to buy data).

It is sent to you by MTN and is only meant for you. For instance, 200 Naira is equal to 200 pulse points. If you don’t use these points by the time it expires, they will be canceled.

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How to check your MTN pulse point

In the same way, you can convert MTN pulse points to airtime; you can also check the balance. You can check available points using by following these steps:

  • Open the caller App on your phone.
  • Dial *406#.
  • Select 7, which is Pulse Point.
  • Respond with 4 to continue.

Simply, you can check your MTN Pulse Point balance by dialing *406*7*4#. You’ll get a notification informing you of how many pulse points you have.

How to get MTN Pulse point

You can easily generate MTN Pulse Points by performing some “revenue-generating activities on your MTN account.” These selected activities are the Purchase/Gifting of:

  • Daily Data plans
  • Weekly Data plans
  • Monthly Data plans
  • IG/TikTok Data bundle
  • Subscription to Music Time
  • Login to myMTN app
  • Transfer of Airtime/Data via myMTN app

MTN Pulse Points facts you should know.

  • These points expire after a year (December 31st)
  • It is equivalent to airtime. For instance, 500 points is equal to N500.
  • It cannot be shared, transferred, or used to purchase data for a third party.
  • You will not receive Pulse Points if you are not on the Pulse tariff.
  • You will lose all your Pulse Points if you migrate out of the MTN Pulse tariff.
  • You can accumulate your Pulse points and trade them for free data.
  • To check your MTN Pulse Points balance, dial *406*7*1#.

How To convert MTN points to airtime in Nigeria: Other benefits of the MTN pulse tariff

  • You can call any local network in Nigeria after spending N15.36K.
  • The tariff plan provides subscribers with a 750MB 3-day data plan at N300.
  • It offers a 1.5GB weekly data plan at N500.
  • You will get an instant data bonus of up to 10 MB on the first recharge of the month.
  • You can earn points by activating a new data bundle.
  • Subscribers can use their points to get free data at any time.
  • MTN provides Pulse Nightlife Bundles with data bundles of up to 2GB (250MB bundle for N25 and 500MB bundle for N50).
  • You can get special Instagram and TikTok bundles: 350MB IG & TikTok for N100 and 1GB IG & TikTok for N200, and other life-enriching products and services from MTN.

How to migrate to MTN pulse

Every subscriber with a prepaid tariff plan can easily migrate to MTN Pulse using any of these four methods:

  • Send an SMS with the MTN Pulse migration code 406 to 131
  • Dial the MTN Pulse code *406*1#
  • Dial the short code for MTN Pulse migration.

Other services offered by MTN brand.

Mtn cloud

Though most people are unaware of it, MTN offers profitable cloud services. These cloud services is for all Nigeria’s major industrial sectors. In this product category, MTN competes with Rackcenter and Mainone. However, MTN has continued to top the game over the years

Voice and broadband services

It is impossible to talk about modern mobile telephony in Nigeria without mentioning MTN. MTN is a market leader in broadband and voice services. With more than 60% of the overall profits, MTN is the most lucrative firm in the industry.

Value-Added Services (VAS)

The MTN Nigeria network offers VAS at various levels. Consumers can download comedy, games, music, and other types of content from MTN, and the producers receive royalties. This company has been impacted by the regulatory rule restricting subscribers’ marketing.

The bottom line on how To convert MTN points to airtime in Nigeria.

We should all grab the opportunity to earn from spending. MTN has made that a reality for its subscribers by creating the pulse plan. The pulse plan is one of the beneficial plans you can migrate to as an MTN user.


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