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Recently, there have been different businesses that no longer require your physical presence even while you are far away from your clients, customers and yet would love to purchase from them. That has brought about the issue of creating a verified PayPal account.

Some of these business goods lay outside the borders of the country which implies that they cannot be easily accessible unless order for. Aside from business matters, you can as well make some money transfers to members of your family, friends and community as the case may be.

PayPal is a medium that allows you to make your shopping online in case you desire to purchase of a particular product that is far within reach.

It is projected as one of the best platforms especially for people that work with the internet like freelancers who have clients all around the world. It doesn’t matter the barrier or societal norm.

PayPal has spread like wide fire to more than two hundred countries in the world with a fast and easy user interface. That is to tell you how global its service has gone in offering a solution to people’s problems in matters that has to do with money.

However, let’s talk about how you can create not only any kind of PayPal account but a verified one that would serve the purpose of your service.

It is important to note that verification is necessary if you desire to access the fund that is coming into your account. And that is the more reason you’re considering checking this out. I hope you are ready for this.

Steps To Create A Verified PayPal Account

Firstly, you must consider visiting the PayPal website here with the use of your internet browser. I would suggest that you use your computer for each of these procedures to navigate conveniently on the web.

Some countries like Nigeria are limited to the use of this service. Hence, you may have to consider using other African countries around it to access its full operation.

Select a Business Account Sign-up Button

The sign-up button would direct you to the screen where you may need to select a business account, that’s if you’re going into business.

The business account has a lot features more than the personal account. You can receive huge funds on this account. On a personal account allows you to shop online if you are the type that loves to purchase your items on the internet.

Input your Valid Details Information

This is where you will be required to enter your personal business information to identify your business.

Information such as your name, contact number, business name, business address, email address, and the currency you desire to transact with, you could ahead to select the U.S. dollars, Euro, pounds, etc.

Meanwhile, don’t make the mistake of documenting the wrong information has it would be detected later on. Immediately you are done, go ahead to submit your details.

Confirm your PayPal Account through your Email

Having submitted your documentation, exercise some patience and await a confirmation email from PayPal to verify your input. Once you get the confirmation from them, it is a green signal that all that you have done so far succeeded.

Log into your New PayPal Account

Once you can access your new PayPal account, there are still a few things to be done like confirmation of your email address, and detailed information about what your business is about.

The action required here is to provide some additional information which is necessary for regulatory reasons.

Verify your PayPal account

This is quite easy to do if you have your debit or credit card with you. Simply go down to the bank and card section to go on with the verification.

Thereafter, go through the bank statement and card activity where you will input your four-digit code. PayPal doesn’t give out the details of the transaction performed through the use of their service except for the amount of payment received through PayPal.

Once you are done giving out this requirement, your account is ready for all kinds of business transaction you may have in mind to carry out on this platform.


Given these points, you now know what PayPal entails; the medium of sending and receiving funds electronically which could either be for a personal purpose or solely business.

I am certain you would no longer find it difficult to get your PayPal account verified to aid the smooth operation of every of your business transaction as far as you stick to each of the steps highlighted above.


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