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How do you make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria? Let ’s first consider what “WhatsApp” is, it is a commonly used social media application around the world with over 2.7 million active users monthly. That’s huge, isn’t it? The application allows you to navigate through several options that perform different functions. Some of them include instant messaging, voice and video calls, group chats, voice notes, broadcast lists and more! There’s just so much to explore in here. One of the major things it solved is bridging the communication gap among friends, family and organizations.

Despite all of these features, it is still unclear to people how they can successfully use the application to make some cool cash for themselves. If you fall into this category, follow through as I unveil how to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria. I know you can’t wait.

How to Make Money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

To the subject of discussion which is the reason you are reading through this article, your intentionality to this point shows that you are ready to journey into wealth through the use of WhatsApp. Yet, you won’t just earn like that. You must understand the basic criteria that can qualify you for this opportunity. They are two in number; the first is that you must possess a large contact list or phone number of people on WhatsApp and secondly, you must be a community member of different WhatsApp groups. The moments you can possess these two, then you are a few steps away from making money on WhatsApp.

Having done all of that, the following are other things you can venture into to fetching money on WhatsApp:

Affiliate Marketing on WhatsApp

Don’t be surprised to see WhatsApp among the leagues of social media platforms that you can try out affiliate marketing. You don’t have to be direct. Where affiliate marketing comes in is when you have a large number of viewers who check your status daily. You can have people come to you to help promote their products by granting them access to your viewers while you charge a certain fee. To reach larger customers with your service, you can advertise yourself outside WhatsApp even though it requires the same app to fulfil your part of the agreement.

Share Affiliate Links on WhatsApp

This is when you help advertise other people or organization offers and services to potential customers and upon purchase through the use of your link, you earn a certain commission. Don’t forget that the community or groups that you are in must include some of your targeted audience. You may probably ask how you can convince these people. It’s quite easy! You can do so effectively communicating the value and benefits of the product you’re promoting. To make this easier, you need to understand your audiences, share personal experiences while using the product, show your transparency and credibility, build relationships and others. I’m sure you can relate to other things you can engage in to influence them.

Promote yourself on WhatsApp to Make Money

Here, make sure you shout about what you do. It could be what you are interested in, your business. Tell your audience about the service you offer and how it can be of value to them when they hire you. In other words, focus on showcasing some of the skills and accomplishments that you have gained and communicate your strength to your community or contact list. When you show that you are capable, you will gain recognition and that would open doors of opportunity as a means to earn on WhatsApp.

App Referrals on WhatsApp

There are various developing applications coming up now that you can take advantage of. When you refer your WhatsApp community members, you stand a chance to earn a monetary reward, discount or other kinds of incentives.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Site

If you happen to be a blogger, using WhatsApp to drive traffic to your site is an added advantage for your revenue to increase when visitors feast on s content. Hence, to ensure that this works, create an intriguing post that would be catchy. While leveraging on WhatsApp, you can earn on your site.


Henceforth, you mustn’t be discouraged that earning on WhatsApp can’t be possible. It can only be impossible when you don’t make use of any of these ways that have been highlighted above. Some of the ways you can make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria is through referral, affiliate marketing, affiliate link, promoting yourself on what you do, driving traffic to your blog, etc.

Once you start up with any of these, you can be assured of making cool money via WhatsApp.

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