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How to Share Data on MTN 2023 – Ultimate Guide

We will demonstrate how to share data on MTN to MTN line. Sharing data on MTN is free and very simple to carry out over the MTN network. Using the data share feature, you can even request data from another MTN subscriber.

In this guide, we will show you different ways and steps to share data on MTN, Kindly read to get full details.

Depending on your plan type and the devices you wish to share with, MTN offers a few alternative ways for you to share data. A few choices are as follows:


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MTN Data Sharing Using SMS:

You can share data from your plan with other MTN subscribers using this function. You must have a data bundle that contains Data Share in order to use it.

To share data, send an SMS to 131 with the word “TRANSFER” in the subject line, the recipient’s phone number, and the quantity of data you wish to share.

To share 500MB of data with the phone number 080XXXXXXX, for instance, send the message “TRANSFER 080XXXXXXX 500MB.” to 131

Before pressing the send button, double check the phone number because once it is sent, there is no way to get your data back. If you enter the phone number incorrectly, another user will simply receive free data, which is funny. No code is necessary before you complete this transaction.


Family and Friends:

You can exchange data using this capability with a variety of MTN users. You must have a data package that includes the Family and Friends function in order to utilize it.

Sending an SMS to 131 with the keyword “F&F” followed by the recipient’s phone number and the amount of data you wish to share will allow you to exchange data with a member of your Family and Friends group.

For instance, to exchange 500MB of data with the phone number 080XXXXXXX, you can message “F&F 080XXXXXXX 500MB.” to 131.


MTN Mobile WiFi:

You can establish a hotspot and link additional devices to it using WiFi if you have an MTN Mobile WiFi device. You can do this to simultaneously share your data across several devices.


Data Sharing Group:

You must establish a data sharing group in order to share data with another MTN users. To accomplish this, you must send an SMS to 131 with the subject line “Create Group” and the names of the individuals you wish to include in the group.

For instance, “Create Group John Doe, Jane Doe”. You can add up to 10 people to a data sharing group send to 131.




MTN Data Sharing Using USSD

Aside from using SMS to share data, you can also make use of USSD and MTN App. Let’s see how this two works.

To share data on MTN using USSD, you can follow these steps:

You can now transfer to your friends and relatives from your current data balance.

Simply dial *131*7*1# and follow the prompt


  1. Dial *123# on your phone and select “Data services” from the main menu.
  2. Choose “Data gifting” from the list of options.
  3. Select “Send data gift.”
  4. Enter the phone number of the recipient and the amount of data you want to send.
  5. Confirm the details of the data gift and send it.

The maximum amount you can transfer in a day is 1GB.

To Buy for a Friend:

You can use your airtime to pay for a customized package for that special pal. Simply dial *131*7*2# and then adhere to the directions.

Get Data From a Friend:

Avoid being stranded or leaving your phone without data. You can now ask that Special friend for information. To call, enter *131*7*3#. You can see active request from friends by dialing *131*7*4#.


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MTN Data Sharing Using MTN’s MyMTN app

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Get the MyMTN app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
If you don’t already have an account, launch the app and log in.
Select “Data giving” under the “Data” tab.
Enter the recipient’s phone number together with the volume of data you wish to transmit.
Verify the data gift’s details, then send it.


Launch the MyMTN mobile app and log in.

Select “Share” from the menu on the app’s home page.
Options for exchanging data and airtime will be presented to you. Choose “Data.”
Enter the recipient’s phone number and the amount of data you wish to share.
Select “Proceed.”

Remember that in order to give a data gift, you might need to have enough money in your account. Additionally, you might be liable for any applicable data gifting fees or MTN’s possible usage restrictions.


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These are the procedures needed in 2023 on how to share data on MTN. For both prepaid and postpaid consumers, the procedure is different.

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