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If you’re wondering what affiliate marketing is all about, it is an online marketing transaction that involves a partnership between two or more individuals with the anticipation of getting a hoped-for result. These individuals are the advertiser and the affiliate. What the affiliate do is to promote the advertiser’s product, which could either be a company’s product or from a private manufacturer, such an affiliate is then charged with the responsibility of influencing people to buy what he or she has come to market.

Therefore, for each of the products sold, the affiliates earn their commission. In other words, the major role of an affiliate marketer is to boost the visibility of a particular product and increase sales. In starting up as an affiliate marketer, you earn yourself a medium to make more money. Affiliate marketing is of different kinds some of which include: related affiliate marketing, unattached affiliate marketing, and involved affiliate marketing. Now, let’s dive into how you can initiate affiliate marketing if it is one thing you want to do.


Select an Area Of Interest (Niche)

By niche, this is where you get to pick an aspect where you want to dwell and be known for by your targeted audience. For instance, if what you want to do is market beauty and skincare products, focus strictly on it, and if there are other domains like technology and gadgets, fitness and health products, fashion and accessories, home and kitchen appliances, etc.

You may probably like to explore your area of interest in any of these. All you need is to get into it and get started. You tend to cover more and absolute authority in your chosen niche when you do it diligently. A major setback for an affiliate is when such wants to venture into two or three products at the same time without first mastering the heart of the market and whether it covers the wants of your targeted audience. This puts you on the first stairs of starting affiliate marketing.

Create a Platform Online

You aren’t new to a website or social media platforms, are you? This would serve as your medium of interaction where you have your targeted audience. There is so much to explore in whatever medium of communication that you will be using, it will serve as your tool or simply put, community. As you gradually develop your platform, let’s use Facebook or Instagram for example, it attracts new audiences to the old ones you initially have through numerous creative content that you feed them.

Apply for an Affiliate program

When you’re done with discovering your niche and creating a site, the next thing is to give it your best shot by looking out for programs that are in relation to your interest. We have affiliate Programs like Best buy affiliate Program, Amazon Associates, ShareAsale, Shopify Affiliate Program, amongst others. Meanwhile, before venturing into any, you must first investigate their requirements to know if you stand a chance or otherwise before proceeding to connect.

Create Innovative Content

Since you hope to have a community of individuals who you believe would buy from you someday, to keep them in your space and allow them to earn your trust, you should be able to dish out value to them such that they won’t have an option outside being what you’re promoting.  Remember it is stated that you must be creative if you don’t want to bore your audience and make them end up falling out of place. To keep your audience, your content must be educative and as well informative. They must see you as someone they can walk up to and not just a random strange that does just marketing alone without concern for the consumers.

Drive Traffic to Your Affiliates Site

For online marketing, driving traffic is one of the major steps if you have to dive deeper into affiliate marketing. This is a crucial step to divert visitors to your site or whatever platform you use to host. To effectively do this, there are special strategies and tactics you can employ that would lead visitors where you want them to be. The visitors are important because, without them, there would be enormous hindrances that would serve as stumbling blocks to achieving your set goal.

In other words, to drive traffic and attract clients to your product, these are some things you can do. I want to believe you’re not hearing some of them for the first time; we have online advertising through the display of ads, and banners, on renowned websites where people can come and have a glance, email marketing through newsletters alongside relevant content that would keep your audience yearning for me on your site, social media marketing where you use your platform to share your site link and as well engage audiences, yourSea4ch Engine Optimization (SEO). This is just a few among many others.

Cloak Your Affiliate Link

Why do I have to do this? You may want to ask. Cloaking your link is essential because it wouldn’t expose your identity in the sense that people wouldn’t hijack your link and channel the commission you ought to earn for their own personal gain. At the same time, cloaking your affiliate link makes your text visible and accessible.

In conclusion, starting affiliate marketing is no big deal if you know all that needs to be done. It is an online business where you partner with advertisers to help market their product to a larger audience that may be interested in it. To get started, you must take into account your preferred area of interest, create a platform online, apply for affiliate programs, create inspiring content, and drive traffic amongst others. All of these would help answer your questions if you’re hoping to get started with affiliate marketing.

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