Ilaji Stadium To Host NLO First Night Match On Wednesday

The management of the Nationwide League One (NLO) have taken a bold step, as it will in its history as the nation’s third-tier domestic league regulatory body host its first night match on Wednesday.

Wednesday March 30, 2022 will epoch making as Ilaji FC of Ibadan will host Knights FC of Ile-Ife in NLO first night fixture tagged ‘Wednesday Night Football’ at the Ilaji Stadium.

Secretariat of the NLO gave Ilaji FC the nod to host the fixture with a 6pm kickoff time after meeting the conditions of hosting such games, which are provision of alternative power sources, security and other logistics.

NLO Chief Operating Officer (COO) Olushola Ogunowo said in a statement, “Management of Ilaji FC meeting the NLO requirements didn’t come to me as a surprise as the club host it’s home games at the Ilaji Stadium in Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort Ona-Ara. So hosting the ‘Wednesday Night Football’ won’t be an issue.

“Yes, electricity is a challenge in the country, and the collapse of the national grid some weeks back raised concern but that didn’t stop major organizations or businesses from functioning as they all have alternative power sources, from generating power plants and solar installations.

“Ilaji is one of the big resorts in Nigeria and they have their alternative power generating sources that can power their facilities 24hours and 7 days of the week.

“It security network is top notch when you look caliber of individuals and indeed foreigners that visit the resort.

“Nigeria been the most populous black nation, we at the NLO are poised to showcasing its grassroot football to other parts of the World with its first night game.

“Once we get it right with the Ilaji FC versus Knights FC game, it will pave way for other interested clubs in the NLO Division One to write the NLO Secretariat of their plans for night fixtures if they have the adequate funds and provisions for other logistics.”

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