Incoming Leaders must know that they must improve on revenue generation in order to pay their staff – Aminu Masari

Incoming Local Government Chairmen have been urged by Katsina State Governor Aminu Masari to investigate and find a way to produce additional cash so that they can pay their employees’ salaries.

Masari made the call on Tuesday in Katsina while fielding questions from reporters.

“With regards to financing the local government councils, it is true when we came in, almost all the local governments were overstaffed.

“We tried by table payment to verify the actual staff on the payroll but what we were able to get was not enough to reduce the huge bill of the local governments.

“We also realised all of them had genuine appointment letters,” he said.

The governor said that the previous administration stopped the salary of over 2,000.

“We reviewed their cases and some of them were given money while some of them were integrated because that was what they were promised during the campaign.

“And you know, in the process of that, the prices of oil collapsed. This also brought the finances of local governments down.

“You may recall that the federal government had to assist the states through a bailout.

“You know, in Katsina State, there are no industries to employ people. The only industry in Katsina State is the Civil service, either state or local government.

“Paying salaries and pensions are very critical to the survival of the economy of the state.

“Some local governments have come out of the problem, some are partially out, while some are yet to be.

“We will be conducting Local Government elections very soon in Katsina state. Those chairmen and leaders coming in must know that they must improve on revenue generation in order to pay their staff.

“Those that can not pay their staff will have to face their workers and tell them why they cannot pay them,” he said.

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