Ahead of discussing influencer marketing, you understand that marketing has to do with product purchase here you have to convince people to buy a particular product an organisation offers.

Let’s say such organization wants to hit the peak of making use of their product, that is where influencers come with alongside the marketing strategies they hope to put in place.

Influencers are people of high class who have built a name for themselves within a chosen field. It is not limited to that. We can also explain an influence is someone who has a huge followership and active engagements on their social media platform with the power to affect, control and manipulate their audience into reasoning in a certain way.

What is influencer marketing?

By now, you should be able to add up what it is. It is simply the use of individuals with a means of power to control what people can choose to buy. Most times, they appear as a role model because they do what they like. When an organisation discovers such people, they take advantage of the situation and reach out to these people for endorsement to be the face of their product.

Some examples can be seen in different marketing brands like luxury restaurants that deal in food and beverages. They collaborate with influencers to project their services; fashion brands with the latest styles have influencers share their stories via social media posts, beauty products, mobile phones, and gadgets amongst others.

How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Have a Goal in Mind

A fundamental aspect of influencer marketing is having a goal in mind. The first step to doing this is by defining what your objectives are; some of which may be to boost your sales, increase your brand visibility, boost your media handles, skyrocket traffic to your website, etc.

Have a Budget

The budget you have in mind will help you determine the type of influencer you can afford and conveniently work with. On the other hand, compensation will come from the brand you are promoting. It could be in the form of a free product, monetary, etc. This is one most important approaches you must take if you hope to engage in marketing for a profitable return.

Identify your Audience

You must identify who your targeted audience is. It could be their gender, age, and interests and meet those needs. The moment you come to this realisation, it would give you precision on the influencer who has the kind of audience you need at their fingertips.

Get a Suitable Influencer

When it gets to this, you must carefully look for an influencer within your niche relevance. Do an overall research on your intended influencer and analyse the content quality and style. The influencer should interest and values must resonate with your target audience. Another you pay close attention to is the wide reach and growth of their follower whether it increases or does otherwise. A steady and consistent increase indicates a healthy audience base that aligns with your goal.

Review and Track Your Strategy

What you are expected to do here is to regularly review collected data to help you identify trends, patterns and areas that need improvement.

What is An Influencer Marketing Agency?

The purpose of an influencer marketing agency is to help create and execute marketing campaigns on a brand’s behalf to achieve the goal of marketing.

Meanwhile, some of their services include putting up a campaign strategy and managing it, reaching out to the influencer to negotiate the terms of collaboration, reviewing content to meet the brand requirement, etc. In addition, they keep a close contact relationship with influencers for future deals or businesses.

Some of the influencer marketing will be briefly considered. Most of these influencer marketing firm has a similarity while a few differ by a few margins of activities. Hence, brands partner with these agencies to leverage their expertise and streamline the process of working with influencers.

• NeoReach

• Open Influence

• AspireIQ

• Takumi

• Viral Nation

• Upfluence


Having considered that influencer marketing has to do with getting individuals who can influence quite a number of their followers into purchasing a specified product. It is also important to note that the reason people get to purchase such a product may not be because it is an urgent need at that particular time. The audience loves to associate with well-known people and therefore, getting the product is just one of the ways to familiarize themselves with them.

Notwithstanding, to effectively carry out influencer marketing, you need to have a goal in mind, a budget, your audience and a befitting influencer for the job. That way, all will go well with projecting your brand products.


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