It takes two to build a human – Pastor Nwoko voices.

Jude Nwoko, the pastor of This Present House in Lagos, has emphasized the role of family in nation-building.

At the launch of the book, titled ‘Husband Material,’ in Lagos on Thursday, Nwoko argued that society’s failures can be traced back to families.

Apparently, Nwoko stated that “When things are broken, the final product is not what is intended; it takes two to build a complete human. That is why one person cannot get pregnant by themselves, not for animals, plants or humans, hence, there is the need for collaborative efforts.

“When two of these individuals come together, they form a union we called the family. From there, it is supposed to be a subset of the broader society. The failure we see in society, people not having integrity, people not being diligent at work, these are values they would have picked up from home. It becomes very important that young people have the right metrics for choosing life partners.”

Mrs Anietie Bature, the book’s author, agreed, saying that a strong family would make the country a better place for everyone.

She said, “If you look at society now, you will see the divorce rates are so high and you hear people say things like ‘marriage is overrated.’ The fact is that, even though a lot of people make noise about divorce and the challenges people are experiencing in marriage, there are those who are enjoying their marriages. What did they do? How did they get it right?

“I have interacted with a lot of young people, both as an individual and from the opportunity we’ve had to serve as premarital counsellors; the need became more evident that something needs to be in place to help people. I felt there was the need to give people a framework or guidelines they can work with to figure out their own journey.”

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