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How to learn Video Editing and start Making Money from it

Video Editing is one of the Highest Paying skills right now. You can make Thousands of Dollars every month by becoming a Video Editor.

Here are 7 Steps to Learn Video Editing and start Making Money out of it: (Free Courses Included)

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How to learn Video Editing and start Making Money from it?

  1. Have a Good Device
  2. Choose your Software
  3. Start Learning
  4. Join a Community
  5. Get some Plugins
  6. Find Clients
  7. Join the Newsletter

And Voila, you’re already earning as a Video Editor


1. Device

The very first step to learning video editing is getting a device. When getting a device, there are things you should look out for. Not every device will make editing easy for you.

I use a $1500 Macbook for my work, But if you’re just starting out, You can easily edit with Your Mobile. Later buy a good laptop with the Money You Earned. Your Device doesn’t matter, Your Skill Does.

Here are requirement you can consider when getting a laptop for work.

For Windows, Here is the minimum requirements

  • 16GB RAM
  • i7 Processor
  • 512GB SSD
  • 4GB VRAM

For Mac, Here is the minimum requirements

  • Buy the cheapest Mac book air it will do the job well.


2. Software

I spent $300 on buying Final Cut Pro X, and actively spend $40/month on Adobe CC Although I don’t regret that purchase, But I could have spent $0 and gotten Davinci Resolve for myself.

Here’s the list of Editing Apps you can use, (with learning time)


1. Adobe Premiere Rush: With the help of Adobe’s cloud sync, It syncs your project over all of your devices. You can be working on the same project in real time from your pc and your phone. You can learn this software with 2 – 3 days. It is FREE!

2. Alight Motion: If you are into Professional Video Editing and don’t have a good pc, This will be My Recommendation for you. It’s gonna take a while to get a hang of it, However give it a week of learn, you do get better and won’t regret it.  This app has a free version that comes with a watermark.


3. Clipchamp: This software was bought by Microsoft recently and it contains everything a content creator would need. From Adding Memes to Keyframing, this consist of them all. Learning Time: 7 days Cost: FREE

4. Lightworks: Wanna do VFX but are Low on Budget? This is the app for you! This can do almost everything a normal video editor can do with Having awesome VFX features to give your videos that shiny look. Learning Time: 10 days Cost: FREE



5. Davinci Resolve: This is the app I recommend to Everyone. It’s used by Filmmakers and Pro-Level Editors because of its special colour-grading features. If your pc can run this, don’t see anywhere else Learning Time: 14 days Cost: FREE

6. Adobe Premiere Pro: This software is used to make Hollywood Movies. And this is one of the best video editors money can buy. Not Recommended for beginners tho, It’s not worth it if you’re just starting out. Learning Time: 20 days Cost: $240/Yr

7. Final Cut Pro X: I personally use Final Cut Pro X for my business and I Love It. It’s only available on Macs and It’s Expensive, But it’s the best video editing software out there while being easy to master. Learning Time: 14 days Cost: $300

In the end, It isn’t about which software you use or which device you own. It’s about how good and engaging videos you can create out of the resources that you have. Stop whining about not having money and start doing the thing my friend. It’s time to give it your all.


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3. Learning

After getting your device and installing the necessary software, the next step is the learning phase. Just as I did, you can buy a Skillshare subscription or Udemy course for learning Final Cut Pro X.

You can also learn them easily on youtube and other video search engines.

4. Plugins

You’re in a war while you’re editing videos & Plugins are your weapons. Make sure you have a nice chunk of those.

Here are a bunch of Free plugins that I recommend you to have
  • mCamRig allows you to easily create dynamic camera animation. 3d animate your boring photos with simple controls. Use this to give your videos that sexy light diffuser effect.
  • mLightBlur Create a unique atmosphere and Give your shots a cinematic vibe.
  • RN Motion Blur Shot a road trip while travelling 100 miles/hour? How will people understand if that’s fast or not? Answer: By adding Motion Blur.
  • Data Pop Wanna show data in a visual way like pie charts and bar graphs? Data Pop is here to make your life easier.
  • Cinematic LUTs (15) LUTs are life savers! You don’t wanna waste time doing the exact same color grading again and again, do you?
  • mAdjustment Layer This is a basic but super effective feature that every software should have by default, But they don’t. You don’t have to edit the same thing in multiple clips manually, Just use this Plugin.
  • Unique Typography Enough of those Basic Titling that gives the 2002 vibe. This plugin will give you 17 Cool Animated Titles FOR FREE!!
  • Glitch Transition Well, we are in 2022, and glitch effects are in trend. So why not have a glitch transition between your clips huh?
  • mMatrix Need that data techy matrix type look in your videos? mMatrix will provide you with that. This comes with numerous Titles, Overlays, Effects that are gonna make your videos look unique and modern.
  • Magic Animate A Davinci Resolve Exclusive Plugin that allows you to animate any Texts/Videos/Photos, Without having to deal with Keyframes (we all suck at that, don’t we?)

I know you can’t believe it but all these Plugins are Free. If you’re a Video Editor or are planning to be one, Don’t miss having these in your range.


5. Join a Community

Having a surrounding where you can talk about the stuff you’re working on is priceless. The one I’d pick would have been VP+ by Jack Cole They also provide a lot of assets and Video Editing projects in the server Join here


6. Getting Clients

There’s a huge demand for video editors right now. All you gotta do is to send an email with an attractive offer. I got my first client within 3 emails. But how do we find people to email?

Search these terms like these on YT:

  • Recipes
  • Fitness
  • Money

Find accounts with 5-10k followers, And visit their about sections. Click on “view email address” and Voila!


7. Mastering

Mastering the video editing skill is what takes a long time. You constantly have to consume content related to video editing every now and then to get better at it. You can join my newsletter to get Video Editing Tricks every week:

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Hope you find this helpful; How to learn Video Editing and start Making Money from it.

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