MASSOB dismisses warnings that lawmakers could be kidnapped during leave on holidays.

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra has ignored the Director of State Services’ warning that lawmakers could be kidnapped while on leave during the holidays.

In a phone conversation with Sunday PUNCH, MASSOB’s National Director of Information, Samuel Edeson, said the threat was intended to scare politicians.

Instead of instilling fear by issuing a warning, Edeson believes the DSS should be proactive in thwarting alleged attempts to kidnap politicians.

He said, “If they gathered such information and know that such a thing was to happen, they should have arrested those people (kidnappers) instead of coming out to make noise. Nigerian security agencies cannot tell you the truth. This is called propaganda.

“They say a bad workman always quarrels with his tools. They just want to seek for attention; they don’t know what to do; so, they try to make noise so that people would be afraid and pretend as if they are working while they are not.

“I don’t see any group of responsible people that would plan to kidnap their representatives. The layman that knows nothing about security cannot be involved in the kidnapping.”

The MASSOB’s spokesman, on the other hand, called on the DSS to arrest and prosecute individuals engaged in the alleged plot to kidnap members of the National Assembly.

He said, “If there is an atom of truth (in their claim), they (DSS) should arrest and arraign such people and not crying wolf and creating fear because they know these honourable men would be going on recess to celebrate with their families.”

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