Moving to Germany from the USA is an incredible move, this is because Germany is becoming a more appealing place to live. In fact, people from all around the world are discovering that Germany offers benefits that few other nations do.

Many individuals, particularly Americans, wish to relocate to Germany because of its favorable economy, work prospects, and better education system with low tuition costs.

In fact, planning an international move from the United States to Germany is an exciting period of expectation. You’ll see new locations and learn about a diverse culture.

Still, relocating to another country as Germany is not without its difficulties. It is critical to be prepared for what is to come.


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Hence, we have compiled all you need to know before moving to Germany from the USA. Read on!

What are the disadvantages of living in Germany?

Living in Germany is not without its difficulties and drawbacks. Of course, you can’t use this as a yardstick to judge if a nation is horrible or whether you should migrate there. In truth, every country has its negative aspects; it is up to you to make the best of a situation.

Well, let’s take a short trip to some benefit of living in Germany: low cost of living, good work-life balance, locals disciplined and punctual, easy access to other European countries, high standard of health care, and excellent public transport options.

Moving on, we have outlined some disadvantage of living in Germany, they include:

  • Housing in major cities is too costly.
  • Taxation is excessive.
  • Cycling is popular, although it is subject to stringent regulations.
  • The weather is wet and chilly, especially in the winter.
  • The language barrier
  • It is difficult to advance in the ranks.
  • There is no air conditioning.
  • There are no sunny beaches.

Benefits of moving from the U.S.A. to Germany

As stated earlier, the benefits of moving from the USA to Germany are quite enormous. Able to adapt to a new environment, and learn the German language, then you’ve got yourself a new home that comes with lots of opportunities to ensure you live comfortably and large.

To illustrate, we have provided you with some benefits attached to moving from US to Germany, here they are:

  • Employment: The chances of you getting a job almost immediately you move to Germany from the USA is high, this is because Germany has a strong economy. In fact, with the right skills and qualifications, you are sure to get a good paying job that will make your stay in Germany worth it.
  • Healthcare: Everyone in Germany is required by law to have health insurance. The fascinating part is that Germany gives free public healthcare to all residents to cover medically required expenditures, which is paid for through social security contributions. So, your healthcare is secure here.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in Germany is actually low compared to other European countries.
  • Transportation: You might be overwhelmed to know that you can actually live in Germany without a car. Yes you can, this is because of an easy, and affordable transportation that connects literally everywhere.
  • Raising a family: It i s quite easy raising a family in Germany, this is because Germany allows parents to divide 14 months of paid leave between the mother and father as they see fit. In fact, the government offers financial assistance to each kid until they reach the age of 18.

Is Germany friendly to foreigners?

Germany is actually friendly to foreigners as it boasts a high standard of living, has a robust economy, and has a diverse range of cultural and leisure choices for a healthy work-life balance.

The cost of living in big cities might be costly, yet there are numerous advantages to living in Germany. So, a foreigner moving in here after all is not a bad idea.

However, Germans are not seen to be friendly to foreigners. 53% of foreigners in Germany reported that the locals are friendly, compared to 68 percent internationally.

Can US citizens move to Germany?

Of course, US citizens can move to Germany. In fact, the Schengen Visa is not required for US citizens. The only requirement you will require as you are relocating to Germany from the United States, is a residence permit.

Well, because there is no need for a Schengen Visa, you can actually go to Germany and stay for 90 days until you obtain your residence permit.

So, after the 90 days in Germany, you must acquire an Electronic Residence Title, also known as an elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel (eAT).

However, you must have a valid passport to be eligible for a residence permit. The passport must be valid for at least four months after your intended return from Germany.

Is it hard for an American to move to Germany?

It is really not hard for an American to move to Germany. In fact, moving to Germany from the USA is easy if you have a good reason, such as a job offer, a letter of admission from a German institution, or the desire to join your spouse.

In order to fully move, you need a two-step process. First, you need to apply for a standard residence permit. This permit allows you to stay in Germany for a specified period. If you apply for the permanent residency permit program, the duration might be extended.

The second process is applying for a permanent residence permit. This permit enables you to become permanent German residents. But to qualify you for this, you need to have had the standard residence permit for 5 years or more, you also need to take an integration course and pass it.

However, anybody from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland requires a compelling cause to get a German resident visa.

How much does it cost to move from USA to Germany?

The average cost of relocating from the United States to Germany is $4,450. However, moving cost is not a static prize as it varies from persons to persons depending on the distance, the property you are moving and some special item of yours.

In general, Americans on the East Coast will pay less than those on the West Coast because they are closer to Germany.

How much money do you need to immigrate to Germany?

You need to have about €3,000 ($3,400) to immigrate to Germany.

To further explain, you must have enough money to cover expenses such as: work visa (€75), residence permit (€50 – €110), travel health insurance (€30 – €90 to cover the first three months), one way plane ticket (€200 – €600), first three months’ rent and deposit (€1,500 – €5,000), and first month’s living costs (€1,000 ($1,300).

What is the easiest country to move to from America?

The easiest country to move to from America is Portugal.

The fact that there are no physical presence requirements in Portugal makes it the easiest country in Europe to obtain citizenship. That is, you just need to have a resident permit to qualify for naturalization.

However, there are list of other easiest countries to move to from America, they include:

  • Spain
  • Svalbard
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • Malta
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico


In as much as moving from the US to Germany is easy, you need to adequately prepare with the right skills and qualifications, so it becomes much easier to navigate your way round once you arrive.

Also, ensure you are ready for a long time commitment. Haven said this, if you need more clarification, have suggestions, do well to drop a comment in the comment section.

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