National Assembly to counteract President over the Electoral Bill – Charles Aniagwu.

Charles Aniagwu, the Delta State Commissioner for Information, has joined other Nigerians in urging the National Assembly to override President Muhammadu Buhari’s veto on the Electoral Amendment Bill, or to quickly send it back to the President for his signature, so that Nigerians can benefit from the electoral reforms.

On Tuesday evening, Aniagwu spoke to Africa Independent Television about the thorny issue of direct primaries in the electoral bill. He instructed the National Assembly to clear the bill’s grey parts and return it to the President.

He said: “The law is very clear if the President decides to veto a bill sent to him by the National Assembly after 30days NASS is free to recall that Bill and override his veto.

“But because we know that this National Assembly does not have the guts and the ball to even attempt to override
the President’s veto, the best thing we can do is to urge the National Assembly to take back the Bill and
expunge the aspect of direct primaries that is the problem at the moment so that the President can assent to
Bill that will enable us to have electronic transmission of results.

“Once we are able to do that we can still come back perhaps after this administration has left to begin to think of how we can indeed define the electoral process such that we could have direct primaries”.

On Tuesday evening, Aniagwu spoke on African Independent Television, AIT, a live show observed by our Correspondent, and urged Nigerians to press the National Assembly to pass the Electoral Act Amendment Bill.

He said Nigerians should concentrate their energies into calling on the National Assembly to either overcome the President’s veto or revise the Bill promptly and send it back to him for assent, rather than arguing the propriety or otherwise of the President’s reluctance to consent to the Bill.

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