Next Generation Passport: How to Get the Next Generation Passport

The Next Generation Passport (NGP) was recently released after a revamp by the US Department of State. Not only does the NGP look different than previous models, but it also has some pretty unique features that will help keep you safe while traveling. While the ePassport and the Next Generation Passport look very similar, there are a few key differences. Certain features on the NGP have been enhanced to make them as secure as possible. In the summer of 2022, the new version of the Next Generation Passport will be issued for all new and renewed passport applications in the USA by all passport agencies and centers. If you want to know how to get a new passport, this guide will help you get your new generation passport card quickly and easily.

What is the Next Generation Passport?

The Next Generation Passport Card is a modernized version of the United States passport book which began issuing in 2021. While the previous electronic passports (ePassports) were secure, the NGP book employs new technologies to create a more robust passport with enhanced security features like a polycarbonate data page, laser-engraved personalization, and updated artwork. 

On What Date Did the USA Next Generation Passport Come Out?

The Next Generation Passport was introduced in March 2021, with a phased rollout across the country. Before they can begin distributing the new passports, passport agencies and centers must replace existing printers with specialized NGP printers. That’s why rolling out the new passport requirements is necessary.

How Can I Get the USA Next Generation Passport Card?

The US government will not promise anyone an NGP and no one can apply for one. The only way to obtain the New Generation Passport Card is to apply at a passport office that has already begun issuing them. But it’s not certain that you can get a new passport.

According to the State Department, “the rollout of the NGP will take several years.” “Until August 2022, when all passport agencies and centers print the new Next Generation Passport books, we will issue both the ePassport and the Next Generation Passport.”

Why Didn’t I Receive the USA Next Generation Passport?

Over 2 million NGP books have been issued since March 2021. However, this is only available in offices that have the capability of printing the new version. The US Department of State will continue to supply both the previous US passport style and the new NGP until August 2022. If you get a USA passport that is not NGP, it is because the passport office does not yet have the latest update.

Although these changes may entice you to apply for the NGP, keep in mind that you cannot specify which version of the passport book you want. The State Department is gradually replacing existing ePassport printers with NGP printers at the 29 passport agencies and centers across the country, so there is no guarantee that you will receive an ePassport instead of an NGP. With ePassport books and cards continuing to “meet and exceed international passport security standards,” the NGP serves little purpose beyond being a novelty.

Are Old Passports Still Valid?

All US passport holders have either the previous ePassport or the new NGP. There is no need to switch to an NGP as the two documents serve the same purpose.

Individuals traveling with either type of US passport can continue to enjoy the benefits of being an American citizen. They simply need to follow the visa requirements for holders of US passports.

Existing passport holders are exempt from submitting a new passport application in light of the change. But current passports, which are generally valid for ten years, will still be valid until the holder’s expiration date arrives. They will receive an NGP with the new number when they renew their passport.

Although many of the new passports have already been issued, some travelers who request or require new passports continue to receive the old style. The New Generation Passports will be the only ones available until late 2022 or early 2023.

Due to this fact, current passport holders are unable to submit an application for a New Generation Passport. The NGP is currently only available in book form. The State Department plans to redesign passport cards in the near future.

How Is the NGP Different From the ePassport?

With a few exceptions, the Next Generation Passport is similar to the ePassport. A U.S. Department of State spokesperson told AFAR that the Next Generation Passport uses cutting-edge technologies to create a more secure document than its predecessors. These improvements include a polycarbonate data page, laser engraved personalization, and modernized passport artwork. The Next Generation passport is described as “a modernized United States passport book redesigned to be smarter, safer, and better.”

The passport photo page, endorsement page, and artwork have the most noticeable changes. On the visa pages, the Next Generation Passport includes enhanced images of US history, culture, and traditions, as well as a new perforated passport number. In the new passports, the passport number starts with a letter and has eight digits. The Next Generation Passport is slightly smaller than its predecessor. The Next Generation Passport has 26 pages as well, while the ePassport has 28. The NGP has 50 pages, and the ePAssport has 52. Frequent travelers can still request a larger book.


If you already have an electronic passport book, you will not need to upgrade to a Next Generation Passport Book because both passport books and passport cards are valid for international travel until their expiration date. You can travel with your current electronic passport book or passport card without incident. The new Next Generation Passports are currently only available in book form until they upgrade and modernize the passport card. You can’t choose which passport book you get, and you might not even get a new one. Both paper and electronic passports are currently valid for international travel because they both meet or exceed international passport security standards.

Next Generation Passport FAQs

How powerful is a U.S. passport?

While the United States has 16 countries ahead of it on Henley’s Passport Index for July 2022, the land of the free has fewer countries ahead of it than last year. The United States ranked seventh in 2021, with passport access to 185 travel destinations.

Are all new passports next generation?

No! All current passports are valid until their expiration date. You are free to continue traveling with your current passport book. Gradually, the passport offices and facilities will begin issuing the Next Generation Passports.

How many types of US passports are there?

The United States can give out four different kinds of passports: regular passports, official passports, diplomatic passports, and passport cards.

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