Nigeria difficult doesn’t define the country or its people – Sen. Pius Anyim.

Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim, a former Senate President, has remarked that Nigeria’s difficulties do not define the country or its people.

He acknowledged that the events of 2021 were difficult, but complimented Nigerians’ fortitude in overcoming them.

In a Christmas greeting to Nigerians on Thursday, the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation under the Goodluck Jonathan administration said thus, expressing his expectations for a brighter 2022.

The statement reads, “We all started this year 2021 with high hopes and expectations. Naturally, as individuals, families, communities and indeed a country, we will retain memories of good and not too good experiences in one area of our lives or another in the year 2021.

“However, whatsoever may have come our way this year, we must give thanks to God for sparing our lives.

“For our country, the challenges we have faced in 2021 may have been daunting. We may have been stretched almost beyond limits in every facet of life.

“But there is good news. Our problems don’t define us. Nigerians are hardworking, peace-loving, accommodating and happy people.

“We have always overcome our challenges when we pulled together. Our collective will and determination will always be stronger than our problems.

“Let us, therefore, look forward to 2022 with renewed hope, optimism and abiding faith in God. Together we will make Nigeria great again. I wish Nigerians a joyful Christmas and a peaceful, and prosperous 2022.”

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