Opinion; FUBF At 3, Are We Progressing Or Retrogressing?

One thing that most Feminine gender can’t play with is judging themselves through the mirror. Looking at the mirror doesn’t mean beauty or ugliness but the act is aimed to see how to improve themselves so as to go all out with the mindset of looking more good.For men however, the majority of us don’t value the act as we believe our look matters less for us.

Either male or female, it is important to have that mirror checking mindset as it will stand as a marking guide for us to scale our progress as human.

The christening of FUBF is a long story which needs not to be re-echoed because the “U” In FUBF as erased the pain of labor at the labor room and the 3 years old child is now growing to the delight of one and all. That hot afternoon that nearly caused everlasting disunity has now united our diversity in a way that is making us be a talking point for all progressive minded people.

After three years of formation, the above question remains a puzzle which is yet to be solved by some people. Some call us political dog, to some we are critics while some see us as antagonists. But, anytime I have reason to defend allegations against us as a family, what I usually respond to is the caliber of people here and why no one can ever buy our conscience to be against who are not supposed to be against.

“Men of quality don’t dress in gold but if you scratch them, you will know that they are made of gold” This quote fits perfectly to describe the members of FUBF. A group that has everybody that has to do with football is rare. If you see it somewhere, it will be of quantity rather than of quality like FUBF. On FUBF, we have International coaches, National coaches, state coaches, grassroots coaches, football fans, football players, football analyst, soccer pundits,sport writers, sport reporters,clubs owners, club manager, scouts, technical advisers, ex-internationals, sport commissioners, media officers, FA dignitaries, sports presenters, sport directors, to mention but a few.
Our greatest asset is the quality we have and the fact that we are not idle make us to concentrate on our progress rather than finding whose name to stain.

“If you see brother smiling/laughing after close-door meeting, they just deceive themselves. But, if you see them frown ; they just finished speaking truth to themselves “

In FUBF, we are frank, we speak naked truth, we attack issues not personality, we say it as it is not minding who is involved, we disagree to agree, we criticize constructively, we put people on their toe, we check and correct. While doing this, we don’t mind frown at eachother but we get the result and move again to disagree and agree the next time.

The name above was made popular by COVID-19 pandemic, after the lockdown, the giveaway ends.
However, reverse is the case for FUBF as we can beat our chest of having giveaway moments once or twice a week. Little as it may be termed by some, the mindset of love and unity that make it possible is far important than the gift itself. On this,giveaway solicitor( FUBFIAN Olaiya Azeez) deserves appreciation as he made toasting, persuading and sharing looks easier than it is. The segment of celebrating with members knowing fully well that top up will enter at night brings more activeness to our page and has united us all even than football matters.

“Human-beings are the product of our environment and it is what we see and hear around us that open our subconscious mind to do less or to do more”
The successes recorded by senior members of FUBF have been a motivating factor for other members who now believe success is possible with steps taken. Little wonder, the majority of GFCC members that are FUBF members are now certified coaches or on the verge of being a certified coach. The majority of them attributed the progress to the success of coaches on this noble platform who they see as a distance mentor, role model and motivator. Even if you don’t wish to progress, the stylish approach of Obaball Tunde Shamsudeen in naming categories of coaches and their grassroots names is enough to drive one to the next level.

As progress and retrogression need no explanation because of their unambiguity, putting all the above articles in mind; it is crystal clear that FUBF is progressing and not retrogressing.

As a year is added to our years today as a family members, we must be ready to continually tackle challenges with love and unity and having the mindset always that what the future holds for us all is unquantifiable interms of greatness.

Wether we call it
Family United by football, family United by football fanatism or
Forum United by football. One thing that must not elude us is the “unity” and it must be our driving force as we strive hard for more meaningful progress.

As quality of a group can never surpass the quality of people inside such group, FUBF is gradually becoming a fraternity of highly graded quality personalities and this will be beneficial to one and all if we continue to stay as a unit.

May I at this point say: arrangements should be in top gear as to when and how we will move to a bigger mansion so as not to deprive people of like minds of learning more under the feet of football gurus in FUBF.

In conclusion, today was the future years back
Tomorrow is another future that is pregnant for us as a family but one thing I’m sure of is that the pregnancy will only give greatness for us all.

Longlife FUBF
Longlife FUBF members
Happy Anniversary to us all.

I am FUBFian Akinkunle Olaniyi Rasaq
Head coach
FC Dynamic,Iwo.

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