Police: Ritualist by name Tunde Olayiwola dies in Akure station.

Alfa Tunde Olayiwola, a ritualist, died on Saturday while in police prison in Akure for allegedly possessing a human skull.

This was announced by the police on Sunday.

DSP Olufunmilayo Odunlami, a police spokeswoman, acknowledged the suspect’s death on Sunday but denied that he was tortured to death.

The suspect, according to Odunlami, was acting oddly on Saturday evening and was transported to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

“Even in the hospital there was no sign or mark of violence on his body; he was not tortured.

“He couldn’t have been tortured because the truth of his complicity was already in the open.

“Those who were present when Olayiwola was paraded before newsmen would have noticed that he was not tortured,’’ Odunlami said.

Mr Oyeyemi Oyediran, the Ondo State Police Commissioner, paraded Olayiwola in front of the media on December 23 in Akure, among eight other people detained for various crimes.

Oyediran revealed at the time that Olayiwola was arrested on December 23 in Oka, Ondo Township, on suspicion of being involved in money rituals.

“On December 23 at about 9.20 a.m., police received information that a self-acclaimed cleric named Alfa Tunde Olayiwola was about to receive a consignment suspected to be a human skull.

“The Police immediately swung into action and the cleric was apprehended at Ajagbale Area of Oka, Ondo Town.

“A fresh human skull was found in Olayiwola’s custody when he was arrested.

“Olayiwola confessed that the skull found in his possession was to be used to ensure he had a better life,” Oyediran had told newsmen on December 23.

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