Prof. Zulum urges his followers to stop comparison relating to achievements.

Prof Babagana Zulum, the governor of Borno State, has advised his supporters on social media to cease comparing his performance to those of his colleagues in other states.

He said that his administration’s developmental aggression was not motivated by a desire to outperform the competitors.

Isa Gusau, Zulum’s Special Adviser on Public Relations and Strategy, published a statement on Monday in which he made his request.

The statement quoted Zulum to have said, “While I am enormously grateful for all the supports and promotions, I have in recent days received messages forwarded to me, in which our work-in-progress in Borno State is being compared with some states, and in some cases, with insults.

“The fact is that I feel extremely uncomfortable any time I am being negatively compared with any governor, especially if anyone of those making the comparisons fall in any of the social media groups associated with us.

“I consider such comparisons unhealthy. Moreover, we are not in competition. The truth is that all of the 36 states have their peculiarities and priorities, depending on developmental plans and the needs of societies.

“In Borno’s case, we have to be desperate in our recovery efforts because we have been faced with 12 years of war, resulting to thousands of deaths and displacement of about two million people with humanitarian needs.

“From the World Bank’s Recovery and Peace-Building Assessment report on the North East, Borno lost 956,453 private houses, representing 30 % of the total number of houses across the state, to insurgent destructions.

“Also, 665 municipal buildings comprising ministries, LGA buildings, prisons, police stations and electric offices were destroyed in Borno.

“5,335 classrooms and other school buildings were destroyed in 512 primary schools, 38 secondary schools and two tertiary institutions in the State.

“201 health centres, mostly primary healthcare clinics, dispensaries and some General Hospitals were all destroyed. The insurgents also destroyed 726 power substations and distribution lines just like they destroyed 1,630 water sources including motorized boreholes, hand pumps, solar powered boreholes and facilities for piped water schemes, and more.”

Zulum noted that his administration’s developmental aggression is motivated by the realities of unquantifiable obstacles, rather than by competitiveness.

“All states have different needs hence, leaders respond differently and with different strategies.

“We in Borno needed to act fast given our peculiarity of needs, but this should not be a basis for negative comparison,” Babangida stated.

Conclusively, he disclosed that his administration “appeals to anyone who genuinely supports him not to insult any leader on the basis of whatever is being achieved in Borno State.”

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