Security National Insurance Company Review

When choosing an insurance company, it is important to know how sound that company is. Choosing an insurance provider with a high rating offers assurance that the business is financially stable. It’s also critical to know what other clients have to say about a specific insurance provider. Before delving into the benefits and drawbacks of selecting Security National insurance company, it is important to know about the company and consider the available products.

Security National Insurance Company Review

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What is Security National insurance company?

Security national coverage company is a division of AmTrust Financial, a global conglomerate established in 1998 which is also known as a fire and casualty insurance provider.

However, there is no precise date that shows when AmTrust Financial purchased Security National Insurance. According to Bloomberg, Security National Insurance was established in 2012, which indicates that AmTrust acquired Security National Insurance between 2013 and 2019. Security National Insurance, however, continues to operate as an insurance provider under AmTrust Financial.


What coverages do security national coverage company offer?

Discussed below are the major coverage offered by SNIC. Read along!

  1. Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is provided to shield you from the financial losses linked to medical expenditures and repair costs resulting from an auto accident. Having auto insurance can protect not only the driver but also other drivers and passengers in the car as well as other vehicles involved in the collision. Here are a few examples of several kinds of auto insurance coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability

If you cause bodily harm to another person in an automobile accident, this insurance helps pay for the victim’s medical bills.

  • Property damage liability

This Insurance pays for the costs of repairing other people’s property or cars that the policyholder has damaged.

  • Comprehensive coverage

If your car is stolen, lost, or damaged, this insurance will protect you. It also covers you from events other than an automobile accident, including severe weather damage or damage from a falling object.

2. Airplane insurance

Also known as aviation insurance, it is a policy that provides aircraft with property and liability protection. It covers damages of aviation risks brought on by the upkeep and operation of aircraft, including property damage, cargo loss, and individual harm. It guards against unplanned losses for both aircraft owners and operators. Some of its coverages are;

  • Aircraft liability insurance

Airplane liability insurance protects property and also covers third parties and/or passengers. Public liability insurance, passenger liability insurance, and combined single-limit aircraft liability insurance are some of the different types available. They all provide coverage for third parties, damaged property, and injured passengers.

  • Aircraft hull insurance

Whether an airplane is physically damaged while in flight or on the ground, aircraft hull insurance offers coverage. Everything used to operate the aircraft is covered by insurance. The cost of the premium is determined by the plane’s worth.

3. Boat Insurance

Boat insurance, as its name suggests, is a sort of insurance that defends boat owners. Similar to auto insurance, it defends the owner against lawsuits asserting that their car has been physically damaged, or that it has caused injuries or fatalities while being driven.

The terms of a boat owner’s insurance policy should be carefully considered by prospective insurance purchasers because they can differ significantly in terms of coverage and price depending on the insurer and the type of boat being insured.

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Other types include:

  1. Business Insurance

Business insurance shields companies from the financial losses brought on by unanticipated occurrences, such as property damage, lawsuits, lost income, theft, employee sickness and injuries, and workers’ compensation. Simply put, your business insurance pays your firm, either entirely or partially, for the expenditures incurred in cases of loss or damage. Consider company insurance as an additional layer of defense.


2. Home Insurance

Home insurance pays for costs incurred when something unplanned occurs to your house or your possessions. This implies damages, including those brought on by theft, fire, wind damage, and more will be covered financially. Your regular policy may provide coverage for your house’s structure, your personal property, and additional living expenses should something happen to it. More than simply your house is covered by home insurance. It can also save you if someone gets hurt on your property if you accidentally hurt someone or damage someone else’s property.


Review on security national coverage company

Finding ratings for subsidiaries like Security National insurance Company is difficult. A.M. Best rates AmTrust Financial and its subsidiaries A-.  According to them, AmTrust Financial and its subsidiaries are said to share the same rating. Why? They all work for the same parent organization. The “A-” denotes an Excellent score. This indicates that AmTrust Financial and the majority of its subsidiaries, including Security National Insurance, have a solid financial outlook and a greater capacity to fulfill their contractual responsibilities to clients.

A year’s worth of complaints was used by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to track customer feedback. The NAIC analyzes each corporate complaint number through the average rate of complaints within a single year, commonly known as the NAIC Complaint Index, to allow for a fair comparison. The NAIC complaint index is generally 1.00. The NAIC Complaint Index for Security National Insurance, however, is 0.85, which is below average and a sign of good customer service.


Is Security national insurance the same as Security National life insurance company?

Most likely, Security National Life Insurance Company appeared when you looked for Security National coverage Company. Utah-based Security National Life Insurance is unrelated to the Security National Insurance Enterprise we’re talking about in this article. It’s improbable that Security National Life Insurance and Security National Insurance are the same company because their phone numbers are different.

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Security National Insurance has fewer complaints than the national average, which is encouraging for customer support and claims processing. Security National Insurance also offers numerous coverages though prices differ from state to state. When you compare prices, you will find that Security National Insurance Company is more affordable than any other provider.

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