Southeast Governors React Against Dangerous Drug; Mkpurummiri

The South-East Governors have stated their commitment to fighting hard narcotics in the region, particularly methamphetamine, locally known as Mkpuru mmiri.

They stated that all stores and locations involved in the sale of hard drugs will be forfeited to the government, and that those involved in promoting the trade or partaking in hard narcotics will be isolated and prosecuted.

This was stated in a statement issued by Ebonyi State Governor and Chairman of the South East Governors’ Forum, David Umahi, during a virtual emergency meeting on Tuesday.

The statement read in part, “We resolved to be very committed in our fight against hard drugs in our region especially the new one called Methamphetamine, locally known in South East as Mkpurumiri.

“We have decided that all shops and locations where any hard drug is sold will be forfeited to the State Government and all those promoting the trade or indulging in hard drug shall be seriously isolated to face the law.

“Rehabilitation of those misled into hard drug is also ongoing.

“We urge community leaders to give secret phone calls through the special numbers offered by our Governors on security and hard drug.

“We thank all our youths for the relative peace we enjoy in South East now. We are committed to your welfare.

“We want those who were misled to carry arms against our people and security agencies to surrender their arms to the Governors and get rehabilitated back to the society.”

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