All you need to know about southern fidelity insurance

Southern fidelity insurance was established in 2005. Southern Fidelity company collaborated with several independent agents during the hurricane-prone Panhandle states. This insurance company provides coverage for equipment breakdown, flood, renters, condos, and homeowners. The company has a market share of 0.81 per cent in Florida and Demotech has given it an A, Exceptional grade. Let’s explore the services provided by this company!

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Types of Insurance SFI offers

1. Homeowners insurance

Home insurance pays for costs incurred when something unplanned or unavoidable occurs to your house or your possessions. This implies that a variety of damages, including theft, fire, wind damage, and more, will be covered financially by SFI.

Home insurance can also save you if someone gets hurt on your property if you accidentally hurt someone or damage someone else’s property. This is when your liability insurance, which is frequently a part of a regular policy, will start to pay out. This insurance also includes coverage for incidents involving pets.

2. Condo insurance

Condo coverage is a type of protection that aids in guarding against damages and maintenance expenditures for a condominium unit. Insurance for condominiums frequently offers coverage against theft, vandalism, fire damage, water damage, and other risks. Condos are a good option for apartment rentals and single-family home ownership, but they have certain insurance requirements. You should get one immediately.

3. Renters insurance

Renters’ coverage is a type of property insurance that defends the insured against liability claims and pays losses to personal items. This covers accidents that happen inside your rented space that isn’t caused by a structural issue. Your landlord is liable for any injuries brought on by all structural issues. Every structure from a studio apartment to an entire home or mobile home is covered by this insurance.

Purchasing a renters insurance policy at SFI could be a wise investment, even if you’re just moving in or staying in a place for a year. It’s likely to be the least expensive insurance you’ll ever own.

southern fidelity insurance

All you need to know about southern fidelity insurance company

Other coverages offered by Southern fidelity insurance are;

  1. Personal umbrella insurance

Defend yourself against a situation where your “standard insurance” is insufficient. The reason a personal umbrella policy is termed an “umbrella” policy is that it offers liability protection in addition to your ordinary homeowners’ or auto insurance. It gives defense against significant and potentially catastrophic liability claims or judgments for you and members of your household. In other words, after your other liabilities coverage limits have been reached, your personal umbrella policy takes over.

2. Equipment breakdown insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance protects against financial loss caused by mechanical or electrical failure of almost any kind of equipment, including computers and photocopiers. The cost of repairing or replacing the equipment and any other property harmed by the equipment breakdown is covered. In many cases, additional spending loss and resulting business profits are also covered. Traditional boiler and machinery (BM) insurance is being replaced by equipment breakdown insurance because the moniker is more aptly descriptive of the coverage offered.

3. Flood insurance

Losses resulting directly from floods are covered by flood insurance. In layman’s terms, a flood is an accumulation of water on ordinarily dry land that affects at least two acres of land or two or more properties. For instance, if a sewage backlog happened as a direct result of floods, the damage it produced would be compensated if you buy this insurance.

4. Identity theft insurance

A portion of the costs associated with identity theft is covered by identity theft insurance. It reimburses victims for the money they spent on regaining control of their finances and mending their credit histories. They may include everything from phone expenses to legal counsel. SFI offers experts who can assist in guiding victims through the process of identity restoration.

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Does SFI offer discounts?

Yes! SFI offers discounts to its customers however they do not provide easy access to information about its specific offers. An independent insurance agent, however, can help you find discounts and other ways to save money. Independent insurance brokers make an effort to locate the cheapest protection that yet satisfies your wants.

Does SFI Insurance provide a user-friendly experience for customers?

The Southern fidelity insurance website is quite user-friendly and intuitive. The necessary information is easily accessible. Additionally, the carrier offers 24/7 claims reporting and has a robust social media presence, all of which contribute to an extremely user-friendly experience. Why should you choose SFI?

3 reasons why you should choose SFI

  1. Credibility

One of the necessary characteristics of a successful insurance company is credibility. SFI is an excellent insurer dedicated to its clients and follows through on its goals. Do they have a strong standing in the market? Do their clients, partners, and brokers trust them and remain devoted to them? The answer to those questions is a YES!

2. Customer service

You must be aware of the best places to turn for sound guidance and help while having doubts/issues. SFI has a large network of customer service providers which have 24-hour language helplines, and expertise in handling local and international calls. They accept different payment methods, currencies, and frequency ranges, as well as give prompt and accurate responses to clients’, brokers’, and partners’ requests and grievances.

3. Product quality

Leading insurance companies consistently keep their services competitive and relevant to foreigners. Southern fidelity insurance adapts its products to the shifting lifestyles of its customers. They offer flexible options that allow customers to pick and select what they require. Can they afford that level & area of coverage alone? Does their policy make sure that the needs of the customers are met? Yes, they do! SFI ensures they put the satisfaction of their customers first in all areas.


Southern Fidelity company at a glance

To disseminate its coverage, Southern Fidelity company collaborates with a group of independent insurance brokers. They are a privately held business with anything from 201 to 500 employees according to their LinkedIn profile. The top worldwide credit agency observing the insurance business, AM BEST, does not yet rate SFI. They do, however, have a high “A” rating from the BBB and a “A” or “outstanding” rating from Demotech, Inc.

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