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Twitter is a fast-growing application estimated to have over 353.90 million users around the globe. Twitter seem to have maintained its name reputation over a long period of sixteen years since its inception by four individuals who are Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams.

At the moment, I believe it’s no longer strange to you that a new authority headed by Elon Musk has bought the company in 2022 for the total sum of $44 billion.

Ever since a different has taken over, there have been various restructuring put in place to enable users to enjoy all the best that they can experience on this social media service. Some of his plans were to enable suspended accounts of users to help them recover them, remove spam bots and revamp Twitter Blue, create an “everything app” which he would name “X”, charge users for the blue-check verification badge as well as other Twitter monetization plans. Some of these changes have been established.

Currently, the Twitter app has taken a new form of the logo “X”. According to him, “I just want Twitter to be maximum amazing.”

Now, let’s move to an amazing part of this article, this is one opportunity you wouldn’t like to miss especially now that Elon Musk has taken control over Twitter affairs. I know you’re eager to know what steps and actions you need on how to monetize your Twitter.

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Make use of a Qualified Country

This is one of the step by step on how to monetize your Twitter account. You must be in either of these two categories; residing in a country that permits the program or you skip it.

Do you need help? You must be wondering what I mean, isn’t it? If you are in a country that permits this program you’re good. But if you are not, let’s say you reside in a nation like Nigeria where it doesn’t allow use, what you have to do is to make use of a VPN on your TwitterX app to enable you to bypass the restriction placed right there using your laptop browser.

Sign up

The next thing to do is a straightforward mode of application. Thereafter clicking the Twitter blue, it will direct you to the area where you have to make your payment. This is where you decide what would work personally for you; it could be the monthly subscription, or annually depending on preference. This is another to follow if you are looking out for how to monetize Twitter.

Make your Payment

Proceed further to make your payment online using your Stripes account. You can use your debit card to effect this transaction. After doing this, you are some steps to how to monetize your Twitter.

Check for Verification

Once your TwitterX account is verified, you are going to see and notice it after logging into your Twitter account. Swipe from your left-hand side, scroll down to the professional option. Then click on monetization. To know whether you are qualified, two options which are “subscription” and “ad revenue sharing” would spring up. If you are not qualified, then you may not see it.

Create a Stripes account

If you don’t have a Stripes account, you need to create one here. If you are creating one, there will be a need to give some of your detailed information like your email address, contact information, and phone to proceed. In addition to this, for additional security purposes, you can verify your account and set up two-factor authentication. You are closer to monetizing your Twitter account.

Business Identification

You will be required to input your contact address, and mode of identification using your national passport, driver’s license, or national identity card (NIN) in there. Keep following the prompt closely until you get to another display item on your screen. Remember you are using your system browser so you don’t encounter any challenges come what may.

Input your Bank Details

Before adding your bank details, your bank swift code is necessary. What does swift code mean? You may want to ask, isn’t it? It is an international bank code that helps you identify some particular banks around the world which is also known as Bank Identifier Code (BIC). Thiis swift code must be accurate. For proper verification, you can either make your research online or request by placing a call to your bank.

When you are certain that you have done this, you can forge ahead to input your bank details and start earning your cool cash.


Having gone through all of these steps, I believe you shouldn’t have any difficulty navigating through your TwitterX and bothering about how to monetize it. It is easy as it seems. Twitter is an app that has got a lot in stock for you if you’re ready to make the best use of it.

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