Those who turn the other way when evil is being perpetrated, I want you to know your time is up – Rev. Isreal Akanji.

Israel Akanji, the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, has predicted that God’s glory will be shown upon Nigeria in 2022, and that the country’s adversaries will be destroyed.

This was said by Akanji in his New Year’s address, which was released on Friday.

He claimed that, much as the Lord dealt with the Egyptians at the Red Sea, the same will be done against Nigeria’s opponents in the next year.

On July 5, bandits stormed Baptist Bethel High School in Kaduna State, abducting 121 students. Some of the students were released after large ransoms were paid, but the cleric declared it will all be over in the new year.

Akanji recounted how the year 2020 was filled with terror, claiming that many people were sick but expressing appreciation to God for those who were cured.

He said, “In addition to the difficulty of the time, we were still facing kidnapping and banditry in the nation. Therefore, as 2021 was closing up, we were all calling upon God to give us a better year in 2021. Now we came into 2021 and we want to thank God that He did intervene, God did hear our prayers, God did make things to be much better.

“Now, as we enter 2022, it is with gratitude that 2021 was better than 2020 and we are entering 2022 with hope and aspiration that 2022 will even be much better than all the good experiences we had in 2021.

When God is glorifying himself, some people will be defeated and ashamed, according to the Baptist president, whose speech focused on God’s grandeur.

“This year is a year of glory of God. The glory of God will be revealed in our lives, in our families, in our churches, in our nation Nigeria. I want to speak to the evil workers in our nation to repent their sins.

“All kidnappers, bandits, ritual killers, armed robbers, those collecting ransoms and all those encouraging them, conniving with them; those who turn the other way when evil is being perpetrated, I want you to know your time is up.

“God will be glorified in this year 2022 and in God being glorified, while some people are being assisted, some are going to be defeated, some are going to be destroyed. I want Kidnappers, armed robbers, murderers in this nation to know their time is up in 2022 because it is a year in which God will be glorified and if God will be glorified, then Pharaoh, his chariots, his soldiers, no matter how strong they are will be defeated.

“People are boasting that they have AK-47, they have bombs, they have all kinds of weapons to use, bandits are using strong motorcycles to perpetuate their evil. That’s how the Egyptians had their chariots but when God turned against them, the wheels of their chariots were removed.

“Finally, to the evildoers, this year your time is up. Stop pursuing innocent people of this country, stop pursuing children of God, stop pursuing the people of Nigeria because as you keep pursuing them, you will enter into destruction and God will be glorified,” he said.

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