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Other than the traditional method of writing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a software application and a medium of expression to invoke your thought through the contents you put out using some technology programmed tools that are available on the internet to make your work swift and easy. For users of these tools, it aids their writing speed and improves their accuracy. i will tell you more about some top AI tools you should use

Let’s discuss some of the functions of these Artificial Intelligence writing tools first as you follow closely; it is used as a means of content generation where all that is required of you is to insert the keywords you need content on and allow the AI to provide you adequate feedback on your proposed subject, adjust spelling errors and grammatical structure to a more acceptable form, editing and proofreading into a readable format, plagiarism detection to verify the authenticity of your content, etc.

Now to the top AI writing tool you should try out, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to bump into any kind of AI writing tool and use it like that instead, you would rather prefer a standard one that has various options and functionality to help meet the need of your content. You should consider using Quillbot, simplified, Jasper, writersonic, grammarly, writerly, wordAI, Hemingway editor,, chatGPT, click Up, among others. Any of these writing tools mentioned are what you can make use of when trying to create efficient content that would be captivating.

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Hemingway Editor

If you mind asking why the name, “Hemingway”? The answer is quite simple and straight; it was extracted from the name known as Ernest Hemingway, an American author who has a distinctive and simplified style of writing such that it’s easier to combine sentences in a clear and concise manner. It focuses on the use of active and precise language, sentence structure improvement, and a few other things. These attributes were all that the AI writing tool inventor set out to consider and replicate the same thing on the software. You can consider this as a tool to use.


Yes! It deals basically with grammar just as the name implies if you’re curious. You may have to consider this as one of your best options if you have difficulty crafting vocabulary, spelling checks, and grammar, writing style suggestions through word choice as well as a few other additions to meet the effectiveness of your content. All of these features can be accessed freely, but go for the paid version to get some extensive features. Of course! It offers the premium version. For Grammarly to effectively function, you must generate the content yourself while it buttresses the information you provide.


This is another AI writing tool you can as well consider. It is an AI writing tool that helps you restructure your sentences while retaining it original meaning. All you need to do with the software application is to spin those contents as much as you will, while it rewrites for you as a response after inputting the text into the quillbot box. Also, it detects plagiarism with existing content on the web and successfully paraphrases the existing content into more original and unique content that wouldn’t fall short of expectation. It helps elongate your sentence if you need to that way and change synonyms into further interesting alternatives.


Presently, it has two various kinds; chatGPT 3.5 and chatGPT 4. These two are related but have different capabilities. ChatGPT 4 is a recently upgraded version of the previous chatGPT 3.5 with super speed and efficiency.  Each is a natural language model where you interact with the Artificial intelligence through the chatbots below the bottom of your device.

It’s a humanlike interaction programmed robot. As a writer, you can use it to create creative content and get instant data upon your keyword request. It’s one of the fast-rising applications with over 100 million users around the world and over a billion visits in the month of June 2023. It is one of the top AI writing tools I would push for your use.

The response here would be based on your input. It is another national language processing and machine learning algorithm that produces data just like human beings will do. Over 380,000 users have tested the software tool to help them build their businesses. When using this writing tool, it saves your time and provides you with accurate information on what you’re looking for. Some of its basic features are content generation, of various kinds, spelling checks and grammar, marketing copy, language support to reach a large audiences of various backgrounds, and SEO optimization among others.


This is simply one of the best AI writing tools you should consider checking out. It helps you conveniently generate text in a straight and simplified manner. When it comes to getting a coherent sentence structure, you can trust this AI writing tool to give you nothing that falls short of the best. It works for the flexibility of the writer.


This AI writing tool helps you transform your old words into entirely new content when you spun carefully. You can check it out using the free trial that lasts for three days and I’m sure you will pretty much love it.


Ultimately, with all of these in mind, AI is available to make every of your task easier provided you take advantage of it while you get the opportunity to. This way, you can be doubtless to get quality responses that won’t falls below expectation when you’re looking out for top AI writing tools for the job at hand.

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