UN Secretary charges Nations over restoration in the year 2022.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has urged countries to make 2022 a year of recovery.

In his New Year’s speech, Guterres stated that governments could work together to make recovery for people and the earth a priority.

He stated, “The world welcomes 2022 with our hopes for the future being tested by deepening poverty and worsening inequality…an unequal distribution of COVID-19 vaccines…climate commitments that fall short, and by ongoing conflict, division, and misinformation.”

He added that these were “not just policy tests” but “moral and real life tests”.

Guterres outlined how best to proceed with recovery on each front.

He said, “The pandemic requires a bold plan to vaccinate every person, everywhere.”

The Secretary still went on to say, “At the same time, recovery from conflicts calls for a renewed spirit of dialogue, compromise and reconciliation while restoring our planet takes climate commitments that match the scale and urgency of the crisis.”

While commenting on togetherness he stated, “This is because they offer the chance to unite behind solutions that could benefit all people and to move forward together, with hope in what our human family can accomplish.

“Together, let’s make recovery our resolution for 2022,’’ advised the secretary-general.

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