UNICEF Makes Shocking Updates Of HIV On Children

According to a recent assessment from the United Nations Children’s Fund, one kid will contract HIV every two minutes in 2020.

UNICEF issued the findings on Tuesday, one day before World AIDS Day, which is observed on December 1st.

According to the estimate, at least 300,000 youngsters would be newly infected with HIV by 2020, while another 120,000 will die of AIDS-related causes.

“In Nigeria, over eight out of ten new infections among adolescents aged 10-19 occur among female adolescents, and an estimated 83,000 pregnant women in the country are HIV positive,” the research stated.

Additionally, the analysis indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating the disparities that have traditionally fuelled the HIV epidemic, increasing the likelihood of HIV infection among youngsters and pregnant women.

“As the HIV epidemic approaches its fifth decade, it is being accompanied by a global pandemic that has taxed health care systems and restricted access to life-saving therapies. Meanwhile, escalating poverty, mental health problems, and abuse put children and women at greater risk of infection,” UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore stated.

She added, “Unless we ramp up efforts to resolve the inequalities driving the HIV epidemic, which are now exacerbated by COVID-19, we may see more children infected with HIV and more children losing their fight against AIDS.”

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