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How to Open a United State Bank Account and Credit Card as a Foreign Citizen

How to Open a United State Bank Account and Get Credit Card in the United States as a Foreign Citizen. All this can be done without requiring an SSN or having to travel to the United States.

Without travelling there, it could be more difficult for a foreigner to obtain a bank account and credit card in the United States. You might be able to open an account with some banks and credit card firms online, but other institutions might require you to go in person to a branch office. You might also be required to submit supplementary evidence or offer a reference from a person residing in the United States.

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To open a United State Bank Account and Credit Card as a Foreign Citizen without having a SSN or having to travel to the US, you can try the following steps:

There are two parts to this

You must open a US bank account first. Then, you can apply for a US credit card.

  • First -> You need the US Bank account
  • Second -> You can get a US credit card

Step #1:

Look for a bank or credit card provider that enables remote account opening for foreign nationals. Some banks and credit card providers might have online application processes that can be performed from locations outside of the United States. Mercury Online Banking is a very good example.

Open up Mercury Online Banking Account


Step #2:

Get a US LLC

This step IS required and CANNOT be skipped.
Pick a non-income state.

I recommend Wyoming (no tax + business-friendly) There are numerous services that may assist you with this; Buffalo Registered Agents is one of them.


Step #3:

Gather the required paperwork in one place. Both identification and address documentation, such as a utility bill, will probably be required. There’s a chance that you’ll also need to present proof of your income or employment.

All this, you still don’t need to visit US, using an agent makes it all easy.

Obtain a US Address through a Registered Agent. Registered Agents are the designated state-based contacts for receiving legal documents. Any service that you use to form your LLC will provide a registered agent.

Buffalo makes a $49 offer.

Step #4:

Get an EIN Number You simply have to register your business (which you have via LLC) with the IRS.

Step #5:

Enter LLC & EIN Info in Mercury Account

Step #6:

Any Payment Service Can Be Connected to Mercury

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • PayPal

Simply connect to Mercury and you’ll be able to receive USD into other currencies.

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To begin the application procedure, get in touch with the bank or credit card provider. It’s possible to submit an application by phone, mail, or online.

Keep waiting for the bank or credit card provider to evaluate your application and decide. You will be given instructions on how to activate and utilize your account if your application is accepted.


Now that you have a bank account, a credit card is due. This one is easier.


Step #1:

Find Credit Card that Does Note Require SSN WalletHub always has a current active list.

Step #2:

Apply for Credit Card

Step #3:

Get CCs sent to the registered agent’s address. This is already yours thanks to the bank account steps. *** Alternatively, if you don’t want a physical card, you can just request card information online.

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It’s significant to remember that various banks and credit card firms have various standards and guidelines for residents of other countries.

Before selecting a bank or credit card provider, make sure to do your homework, weigh your options, and be ready to give additional proof or use a U.S.-based reference if required.

Be aware that opening and maintaining a bank account or credit card may require fees, and that you may need to keep a minimum amount in your account to avoid further penalties.

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