What Documents Do I Need For a Passport?

Nursing the idea of leaving the shores of the country would mean getting the necessary information on the documents required for you to get a passport to travel.

These documents are essential in the application process for a passport. Thus, gathering this information and getting these documents ready is the first step toward leaving the country.

In light of this, this article will expose you to the necessary documents needed while applying for a passport. Ride with us!

Is a Birth Certificate Required for a Passport?

Absolutely! Birth certificate is one of the documents required for procuring a passport. This certificate falls into the category of proof of citizenship. Hence, one has to have it handy when applying for a passport.

What Documents are Required for Passport?

The following documents are required in acquiring a passport:

  • A copy of the United States State Department’s form DS-11 (Completed and printed)
  • Proof of the United State’s citizenship
  • Passport photo
  • Photo ID
  • Photocopy of front and back of the photo ID

How Many Days Will it Take to Get a Passport?

The number of days it would take you to get a passport depends on the time of application in the year.

It is, therefore, advisable for applicants to follow up on their application after six weeks.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply for a Passport?

The cost of renewing or obtaining a passport depends on a number of criteria, including:

  • Obtaining a passport card alone, or
  • If you select an urgent service

Both fees for the passport application and execution are non-refundable. Hence, in the event of not being issued a passport, they are retained in accordance with the law. 
Due to the varying nature of the passport application fee, it is advisable for applicants to verify the amount from the passport fees chart.

What is the Fastest Way to Get a Passport?

The urgency with which you can get a passport depends on a number of factors, namely:

  • Emergency/urgent travel
  • Expedited for Non-urgent travel

The table below shows how fast you can get a passport:

However, the processing timeframes vary throughout the year, so take note of that.


The documents needed while applying for a passport aren’t hard to come by.

Getting these documents ready and on time will facilitate your smooth travel overseas.

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