What Does State Farm Renters Insurance Cover

State Farm renters’ insurance is a fantastic option for insurance if you’re looking for numerous policies. You need insurance coverage to protect your possessions when renting an apartment or a house. Irrespective of the building structure, losses to the building are covered by your landlord’s property insurance policy. However, the only insurance that will protect your personal belongings and certain obligations is a renter’s insurance policy, which you as the tenant are responsible for locating and purchasing. You might be wondering what does State Farm Renters Insurance cover? before going into it, let’s take a brief history of State Farm Insurance.

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A brief history of State Farm Insurance company

George J. Mecherle, a retired farmer, created State Farm in June 1922 as a cooperative auto insurance firm that was owned by its customers. The company charged more affordable rates than its competitors, who also had to pay high premiums for urban drivers. The company concerned itself with providing auto insurance for farmers. Its services were later expanded and included additional insurance products like life and house insurance, and subsequently, it added banking and financial services.

State Farm has 19,000 agents and 70,000 employees as of December 2017. According to statistics from February 2014, the company services 80 million insurance policies in the US and Canada, of which more than 44 million are for autos, 27 million are for fire, 7 million are for life, and more than 2 million are for bank accounts.

What Does State Farm Renters Insurance cover?

  1. Personal property

This applies to all of your personal belongings. It also includes things like furniture, musical instruments, electronics, clothing, pots and pans, rugs, and works of art. Damage from issues like fire, smoke, vandalism, theft, flying items, explosions, and the weight of snow and ice are all covered.

2. Liability coverage

Liability insurance covers you when you are held liable for someone else’s injuries or property damage. Your legal defense is also covered by it. Renters’ liability coverage, for instance, may pay out if you are found to be legally responsible for someone who slips and falls in your flat and files a lawsuit against you.

3. Medical payment

Smaller medical expenses are covered by this sort of coverage, which is frequently included in a renters insurance policy, regardless of who was at fault. For instance, if a visitor cuts their hand unintentionally on a sharp corner, this may pay out to cover hospital costs.

4. Additional living expenses coverages

Additional living coverage covers hotel costs, takeout meals, and other supplemental costs, such as laundry services, if you are unable to dwell in your apartment due to a covered issue (such as a fire).

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Does state farm renter insurance have additional coverages? 

The answer is YES! State Farm renters’ insurance has all of the standard options listed above. You can add other types of coverage to your State Farm renter’s insurance some of which include;

  1. Replacement cost coverage

Each State Farm Renters insurance policy often includes replacement cost coverage. The difference between this and a regular policy, which covers the actual monetary worth of lost or destroyed property, is that the former covers the current market value of your possessions, regardless of how much they degrade.

2. Business property coverage

To safeguard goods or other items linked to a business you own, your State Farm Renter policy may include business property coverage. The following coverage options could be added for a cost. Some of them might need to be acquired via a State Farm representative.

  • Waterbed liability

These are coverages for harm brought on by waterbeds.

  • Identity theft insurance

This covers Identity fraud, extortion costs, and cyber-attacks.

  • Additional insurance coverage

This is the second layer of insurance to protect non-residents with a financial stake in the property.

  • Sewer or drain backup coverage

This is coverage for sewage or drain backups, which pays for damage to your possessions caused by water.

  • Nurses’ professional liability coverage

This covers expenses spent by a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, or a vocational nurse while performing nursing duties.

  • Personal injury endorsement

Libel and slander are two examples of non-physical injuries that are covered by personal injury endorsement.

State Farm Renters Insurance discounts

There are many ways you might be able to get a State Farm renters insurance policy at a lower cost. This include getting discounts such as:

  • Discount for purchasing both renters’ and vehicle insurance from State Farm.
  • Home alert protection discounts for devices like smoke detectors, fire alarms, burglar alarms, or other home monitoring systems. If you have automatic sprinklers placed in your home, you can get a discount as well.
  • Devoted customers discount for long-time customers at State Farm.
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Top 4 benefits of renter’s insurance

  1. Covers your belonging when you travel

Your personal items are covered by renter’s insurance whether they are in your house, vehicle, or on with you when traveling. Anywhere you go, your belongings are protected against theft-related loss and other covered losses.

2. Covers additional living expenses

Your renter’s insurance policy might pay for “extra living expenditures” if one of the insured risks renders your property uninhabitable. This might include the price of moving temporarily to another location, food, and other costs.

3. Provides liability coverage

Renters insurance policy provides liability coverage. This offers protection if someone is hurt while visiting your home or if you accidentally hurt someone. Any judicial awards and defense costs are covered up to the policy’s maximum.

Review on State Farm Renters insurance company

According to NerdWallet’s ratings State Farm’s renters’ insurance received a score of 5 out of 5 for its overall performance. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ complaint statistics, policy coverage alternatives and discounts, simplicity of making a claim, website openness, a company’s financial stability, and other factors are all considered in the renters’ insurance rating algorithm.


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Most people can’t answer the question “what does State Farm Renters insurance cover”? A simple answer to this is that State Farm Renters Insurance provides numerous coverage options and provides discounts in addition to their friendly prices. To cap it all, they have friendly customer service, which can make your life easier in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


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