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42 Gmail Hacks and Tricks You Can Use in 2024

46 Gmail Hacks and Tricks You Can Use in 2024, Ensure you are not ignoring this in any way.

Globally, 4.26 billion people use Gmail regularly. However, only a select few are adept at using the platform.


Here are 42 Gmail Hacks and Tricks You Can Use in 2024


42 Gmail Hacks and Tricks You Can Use in 2024


Customize Your Inbox Layout

Managing your inbox might be difficult, but altering your layout can make it easier.

To alter your design;

Go to Settings > Scroll until you see Inbox Type > Select the type you wish to use.


Create Email Filters

You may manage your inbox with the use of email filters to save time.

You can do a number of things with filters, including automatically delete some emails, star critical emails, and more.

To set up your Gmail filter;

Select the Settings icon from inside the Gmail search bar > Fill out the information in the window > Select the behaviors you want the filter to follow Finally, select Create filter.

Use the “Filters” feature to automatically label, archive, delete, or forward emails based on specific criteria. This feature can be found in the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab of the “Settings” menu.


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Use of Integrations

There are many apps available that can facilitate team communication, project management, and other tasks.

These programs likely include Gmail integrations, which can save you a ton of time and work.

Some integrations available for Gmail include- Slack, Zoom, Trello, Salesforce, Aweber, Notion, Clickup, Paypal, Hubspot & many others.


Hide Unimportant Folders

You can conceal the folders you don’t use if the sidebar of your Gmail inbox is packed with both old and new folders.

This only obscures the folder from visibility; it doesn’t remove the contents.

To hide unused folders:

Select Settings and then See all settings > Select Labels from the top menu > Go through and select Hide for all the folders you wish to hide from view.


Schedule your Emails

Especially if the recipient is in a foreign time zone, it is recommended to avoid sending emails at night.

With just a few clicks, Gmail makes it simple to schedule emails. Up to 100 emails can be scheduled.


Use Gmail Offline

Never again let poor internet connectivity to interfere with your job. Use the Chrome browser’s Gmail offline feature to efficiently finish your Gmail operations.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to Settings > Go to All Settings > Enable the offline mail checkbox > Click on Save Changes.


Create Reminders

To set up follow-up appointments directly from your inbox, use the Create Event tool.

When you add an event directly from an email, the subject of the email is used to automatically fill in the event name and connect back to the original email.


Advanced Search

The search bar in Gmail is an effective tool that helps keep you on top of your email. You may quickly filter your emails by date and keyword by using the from, to, and subject fields.

Confidentiality Mode

This function is intended to prevent anyone who receive your email from taking particular activities with it, such as printing, copying, forwarding, or downloading.

Particularly when you have to communicate sensitive data.

To enable this feature, simply click on the ‘confidential mode’ icon which is located on the bottom right side of your email window, and set an expiration date and passcode for the email before clicking ‘save’.


Replace attachments with Google Drive links

Gmail doesn’t have an infinite amount of storage space. Save your attachments to Google Drive and send people the link instead. They can view or read the file without taking up any of their own storage space & save your storage.


Vacation Responder

If you’re on vacation, use your vacation responder. If anyone who sends you an email will receive your pre-written response about your out-of-office status. This may help deter senders from sending additional emails.

To automatically answer to emails, use the “vacation responder” feature: When you’re away from your email, you can create an automatic reply using Gmail’s vacation responder feature. If you’re going on vacation or taking a break from work, this may be useful.

To use your vacation responder Go to Settings > See all settings > Vacation responder > Select the radio button next to Vacation responder on > Enter your dates, a subject line, and then your message. Finally, select Save changes.


Translate messages

Communication with individuals around the world is now simpler than ever thanks to the internet. Gmail may translate an email for you automatically if you receive one in a language you don’t understand.

Just click on the more icon on the right, select Translate message, and choose your preferred language.


Un-Send Emails

To retrieve emails, use the “undo send” option: The “undo send” function in Gmail can be useful if you’ve ever sent an email that you wish you could take back. With this function, you can go back and edit an email after you’ve sent it.

Within 30 seconds of pressing the send button, emails can be retrieved. enabling this

Select “Settings” > “See all settings” > “Undo Send”

30 seconds should be the new time; save modifications. Once you turn it on, a box labeled “undo sent” will show up every time you send an email.


Google Hangouts

Without making any additional effort, you may quickly message someone on Gmail using Google Hangouts. Without switching tabs, simply click the highlighted icon to start a conversation.


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Multiple Inbox Trick

Increase your output by using many inboxes. By doing this, you can better organize your inbox and maintain focus throughout the workweek.

To make sure you don’t miss an email, set up multiple inboxes to help organize and de-clutter your messages.

View all settings in settings Multiple inboxes in the inbox

To access numerous email accounts at once, use the “multiple inboxes” feature: You can browse numerous email accounts simultaneously using Gmail’s “multiple inboxes” functionality. If you need to handle several email addresses, this can be useful.


Organize Emails Using Labels

To keep on task and manage your emails, use labels.

Responding to important emails will be less stressful if you categorize your messages, and doing so will also help you keep your communications properly.

Use labels to categorize and arrange your emails. Labels let you do just that. Use the standard labels that come with Gmail or make your own custom labels.


Snooze emails, so you don’t forget

You can save an email for later by using the snooze feature. It enables you to return to a chat by allowing you to “pin” it.

The time that the email will show at the top of your inbox can be set to be either a predetermined time or a custom time.

To temporarily erase emails from your inbox, use the “snooze” feature: You can temporarily erase emails from your inbox and have them return at a later time using Gmail’s “snooze” feature. If you wish to concentrate on other chores and return to specific emails later, doing this can be useful.


Muting threads

It can be annoying to participate in an email conversation that is no longer pertinent to you. Fortunately, by selecting the discussion and choosing More > Mute, you may silence it.

By doing this, the conversation will be moved from your inbox to your archives.

Put email threads on “silent” to halt them: You can utilize the “mute” feature to cease receiving notifications if you’re a part of an email thread that you no longer wish to be updated on.


Add a delegate

To manage your account, you can share your inbox but not your password. They can use labels to manage emails, archive messages, and sift emails using filters.

Email messages can also be sent, read, and deleted.

Here’s how: Settings > See all settings > Accounts and Import or Account > Add another account. Enter the email address of your delegate and hit Next Step > Send email to grant access.


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Set up templates

You can quickly build templates in Gmail for repeating emails, saving you from having to repeatedly type the same information.

Long-term, this can save you a significant amount of time.

Go into Settings> All settings > Advanced link. Scroll down to the section marked Templates and click the circle marked Enable.


Add an image to your Signature

Along with text like your name and contact information, you can also include photographs in your Gmail signature.

Simply put it in your email signature if you want to send every message you send with a business logo, headshot, signature, or something else.

To add an image to your signature: Settings > All settings > On the General tab, scroll down to Signature > Create new > create your custom signature > Click the image icon to upload

Email Aliases

A great approach to keep organized is to create an email alias. by signing up for newsletters and using an alias to filter communications.

By adding a dot or plus sign, followed by a label, to your email ID, you can create an alias account.


Gmail Themes

If you’re tired of the same old look in Gmail, try out the themes available. You can go for a simple colour scheme or something more graphic, like the planets or a beach scene. Just click the gear icon, select themes, and choose.


Use multiple accounts at once

You may effortlessly manage several Gmail accounts under your name or several aliases for your business from a single central Gmail hub.

Adding more than one account: selecting Add Another Email ID under Settings > Accounts > Import

Clean house

Put an end to the spam emails. To search for all occurrences of “unsubscribe,” use Gmail’s search box. You won’t ever see those communications in your inbox again if you choose to flag them as spam.


Create to-do lists

Gmail’s “tasks” function is a great way to easily keep track of everything you need to do. When hen you get an email that requires a later action on your part – may be a reply or some sort of meeting – you simply click the “More” button to the right.


Use Smart Compose

By using Gmail’s Smart Compose, you may increase your productivity. Gmail will complete the phrase or word for you if it can determine what you’re trying to say.

You may see the predictive text in grey as you type. Just press the Tab key to complete the phrase.

Here’s how to enable it: Gmail settings > Scroll down to “smart compose” > Set it to smart suggestions on.


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Send emails from different addresses

Send emails from several addresses from one location. When composing an email in Gmail, choose the desired email address from the drop-down menu.

This is how: Configuration> Account & Import> Include another another email address Include your ema


Create Contact Groups and Send to Many at Once

If you ping emails to the same group of people on a regular basis, set up contact groups. That way you just need to type the group name into the ‘To’ field rather than typing in every single email address.


Create emails that self destruct

Self-destruct functionality is hosted by a special software script that Gmail has created. When you don’t want an email to be forwarded to another person, this capability can be useful.


Send password-protected emails

You can send an email with SMS-based verification encryption using the confidential mode option. You can be certain that the email will only be read by the intended recipient if you use this option. This adds another level of security.


Sidebar Add-ons

The sidebar in Gmail can be used for more than just viewing your notes and google applications. You can also make it more productive by linking other applications to your Gmail or business by plugging in add-ons. It allows you to pull data into one place.


Integrate Google Calendar.

Even while Google Calendar and Gmail can already function together very well, you can enable the Google Calendar integration for even more organization. This enables you to get alerts whenever an email contains an event.

You may arrange events, appointments, and meetings right from your inbox by using the “Calendar” tool.


Customize Your Left Navigation Bar.

If you prefer a different order for the navigation options than what Gmail uses by default. By selecting which labels to display and hide on the navigation bar, you may personalize them.


Multiple signatures

You can have more than one signature for different emails. Select the signature that would be most appropriate for the email you’re sending.


Sync your CRM with Gmail

If you spend a lot of time in Gmail, synching your CRM with Gmail can help you be more productive. Lead management, email templates, and exporting CRM data can all be facilitated by the strong and straightforward interface.

Archive Emails for Future Reference.

You can quickly and easily clean up your email. Instead of cluttering up your inbox while responding to emails, merely have them automatically archived under the “All Mail” option on the left menu of your screen.

If you want to automatically archive an email after you send a response, use the “Send and archive” feature. The “General” tab of your Gmail settings is where you may find this.

Here’s how you can enable it: Settings > General tab > locate the “Send and Archive > Turn it on

Compose mode

To write and send emails more quickly, use the “Compose mode.” With this function, you can compose and send emails in a new window as opposed to a tab.

Gmail Labs

Use the “Gmail Labs” to experiment with new features and alter how Gmail works for you.

Right-click menu

To rapidly access frequent operations like archiving, deleting, or categorizing emails, use the “Right-click menu.”

Search operators

For a faster way to locate certain emails, use the “Search operators.” To discover all emails from John, for instance, enter “from: john,” and to find all emails with “meeting” in the subject line, enter “subject: meeting.”

Keep Feature

Save notes, web links, and other information with the “Keep” option for later use.




Here we have it; 42 Gmail Hacks and Tricks You Can Use in 2024.

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