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HOW MUCH IS A PASSPORT: 2024 Passport Fees

One needs to know how much is a passport in the United States. Getting a new one in the United States costs just $165 and takes about 8-11 weeks to be
ready. If you intend to travel, one of the items you must include on your checklist before packing
your bags is your passport. The amount includes the execution fee and, of course, only applies
to adults. You can also get it ready before the standard 8-11 weeks via expedited application at
an extra cost. Let’s see what makes up the standard fee, the relevant requirements for
getting it, and everything else you need to know.


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How Much Is a Passport?

The application cost is $130, and the execution fee, which is otherwise known as the
acceptance agent fee, is $35. The total amount it costs to get a new passport in the United
States is $165. However, the $165 cost only applies to United States adults, and these are
people from the age of 16 and above. If you are getting a new passport at that amount, it will be
within the special period of about 8-11 weeks.

So far, I have mentioned two things that will affect
the cost of a passport in the United States. This will likely cause the passport application cost to
be below or above $165. The first is the applicant’s age, and the second is the duration of time it
takes to get the passport. Secondly, people under the age of 16 are considered minors, and as
such, the cost of their passports is below that of an adult. By the way, this is strictly the cost of a
passport book and not a card.

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Passport?

The expected time to get your passport ready after applying for it is 8-11 weeks. If this seems
like such a long time, you can simply apply for an expedited time frame. Unfortunately, this
comes at an extra cost. Of course, it will cost a little bit more to get things done and over with in
record time. So what’s the cost of getting my passport earlier than usual?


What Is The Cost Of Getting a Passport Faster?

An expedited passport application costs about $189 to $190. The exact cost depends on the
agency you want to run the application for you. However, the cost above does not include
government fees of $208. 32 and other add-ons such as covid-19 Antigen test kits.
How Does Expedited Passport Take?
Just about 4-5 weeks. Generally, the exact time it takes to get your expedited passport after
application depends on the agency in question. For instance, if you apply for an expedited
passport through Rushmypassport, your passport will be ready within 5 weeks.


How Much Is a Passport For a Minor?

The total amount it takes to get a new passport for a minor is $ 135. The $135 cost comprises a
passport application fee of $100 in addition to an execution fee of $35. The $135 cost only
applies to standard time, which is 8-11 weeks. If you intend to get it faster, you’ll have to apply
for an expedited minor passport, and this, of course, costs more than the standard application.


How Much is a Minor Expedited Passport?

The cost of getting a minor an expedited passport is $195. The $195 fee comprises an
application fee of $160 and an execution fee of $35. It also does not include government fees
and other add-ons.


How Much Is Passport Renewal?

The exact amount it costs to renew your passport as an adult in the United States is $130.
Unlike a new passport application, renewal does not include an execution fee. Renewal only
applies to expired passports and not to lost or damaged ones. If your passport is lost or
damaged, you’ll have to apply for a new one, and this comes with an execution fee of $35.
How Much Is Expedited Passport Renewal?
The exact cost of renewing an expedited passport is $190. This is just the exact amount it cost
to get a new passport.


Understanding the United States Passport Fees

#1. New Passport For Adults Aged 16 and above

The application fee for a new adult passport book is $130, and the execution fee is $35. As of
2022, the exact amount it cost adults in the United States to get a new passport is $165. But this
only applies to the standard duration.

#2. Acceptance Agent Fee or Execution Fee

The acceptance agent fee or execution fee is the $35 you pay when you go to the clerk or
postal worker in court to adjudicate a passport application. In case you’re wondering who the
clerk or postal worker is, they are acceptance agents who “adjudicate” a passport application,
which is like being a witness. They will make sure the applicant is who they say they are, look
over the documents they submit, and check signatures. This is needed for new passports for
adults and children. It is also necessary when applying for a passport replacement, whether lost,
damaged, or stolen.

#3. Adults Passport Renewal Fee

Adults who want to renew their expired passports can do so at the cost of $130. It doesn’t
include the acceptance or execution fee. This is primarily because the United States clerk or
postal worker won’t have to verify your document again. If you want to get your passport ready
sooner than expected, you can simply use the expedited means at an extra cost of $60,
excluding government fees.

#4. New Passport For Minor

Minors are people within the United States who are less than 16 years old. The application fee
for a minor’s passport is $100, and the execution or acceptance fee is $35. This invariably
means that getting a new passport for a minor is $135 under the standard time.

#5. Passport renewal For Minors

Renewing a minor passport costs $100 with no additional acceptance fee.

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How Long Does My Passport Have To Be Valid Before I Travel
Out Of The Country?


There’s no time allocation, so you can travel immediately after being issued a passport.
However, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date.

Document Requirement for New Passport

If you want to apply for a new passport, get the following documents ready;

  • DS-11 passport
  • Passport photo
  • Proof of US citizenship
  • Proof of identification
  • Government fees
  • Travel Itinerary

Which Is Cheaper Passport Book Or A Passport Card?

A passport card is usually more affordable than a passport book. However, the passport book
has more advantages than the passport card.


How Much is a Passport Card?

Getting a passport card in the U.S as an adult costs $65. Your passport card application costs
$30 while the acceptance fee is $35. The fee is slightly different for minors. If you’re a minor, a
passport card application is $15 while the acceptance fee is $35.


Differences Between a Passport Book and a Passport Card

There are distinct differences between the passport book and the passport card. However, both
serve the same purpose, which is primarily a means of identification and travel documents. The
following are the primary differences between the passport book and the passport card.

#1. Border entry method

Passport books can be used to get into a foreign country by air, land, or sea, whereas passport
cards can only be used to cross land and sea borders.

#2. Travel destination

The countries each can be used to enter are another difference between a passport book and a
passport card. The passport book is accepted in every country or state, but the passport cards
are limited to certain locations.
Generally, people can only use passport cards at land or sea borders in Canada, Mexico, the
Caribbean, and Bermuda.

#3. Format and size

Appearance is another distinct difference between these modes of identification. Passport books
are small booklets that are 3.5 inches by 5 inches and have blank pages for visas and stamps
from other countries. Passport books are bigger than passport cards, which are the size of a
credit card or driver’s license but can fit in your pocket.

#4. Price

A passport book costs more than a passport card. All first-time applicants, no matter what kind
of documentation they have, must pay a $35 acceptance fee, which is already included in the
price. As of 2022, it will cost an adult $165 to get a passport book, but a passport card will only
cost $65.

#5. Renewal Price

The cost of renewing a passport book is $130, while that of a passport card is $30.


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The price of getting a passport is subject to change with the shifts in policy and scenarios. This
simply means the government and other relevant bodies can make favorable and unfavorable
changes to policies that will greatly affect the cost of getting new passports.

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