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How to Make 10k a Month Passive Income in 2024 (without money)

Even though it can be difficult to create passive income without making an initial investment, there are still some strategies you can pursue to try to earn passive income without spending any money. Yes, it is very possible to earn ten thousand dollars in a month as passive income come 2024.


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Here are a few potential strategies for generating $10,000 per month in passive income:

  • Blog
  • Digital products
  • Stock photos / videos
  • Templates
  • Online courses
  • App or Website features
  • Social media audience building
  • Create a mobile app
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How to Make 10k a Month Passive Income in 2024



Bloggers write multiple content and publish it and then monetize their blog by running ads. One time investment.

How to: Go to WordPress buy a domain and hosting. Select a free basic theme. Setup. Write consecutively for 30 days. Write 2 blogs a day that will be 60 content.

Then after writing 60 blogs. Go to Google AdSense and run ads on your Blog.

Digital products

Most creators don’t know this yet but selling digital products can make you a free bird. Create an EBook sell it on Gumroad for free and make money.

Create a course sell it on Udemy, Gumroad and make money. Create templates of social media sell it.

It wasn’t that easy in 2015 or 2013. But now is the time to create a profitable digital product and sell it.

Stock photos / Videos

Sell the photos you’ve captured when you was hiking or when you was riding a bicycle near some beautiful place.

Or any photos and videos that are not crappy or low value can be sell online. Sell photos and videos on: Alamy. 500px. Shutterstock.


Social media especially Instagram templates sell the most on Gumroad and PayloadZ etc.

Create Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook ads templates, post templates, and tweet templates on Canva and sell it on: Gumroad, PayloadZ, sellify, and creative Market.

Online courses

Teach people how to do things. Record the videos. Or screen record it and sell it on:

Udemy, Gumroad and Teachable. You can teach about cooking, coding, creating content, SEO, digital marketing etc and make money.

Create an e-book

If you have writing skills, you could write an e-book and sell it on platforms like Amazon.

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App or Website features

If you’re a developer listen you can make more money than your competitors by selling a feature an app or anything that can be helpful to blogger, creator etc.

If you know how to create things like Headline generator, SEO stuff then you can make $10k.

Easily without any hassle. Selling on Creative market can make you a free human in just months. Sell feature or app on: Gumroad, Appsumo, and creative Market.


Social media audience building

Sure it will take months but it can be more profitable then any other asset. You need to work hard build an audience then sell anything you want and make money.

like creators make more than $10k a year because of Twitter. You can too.

Create a mobile app

If you have programming skills, you could create a mobile app and monetize it through in-app purchases or advertising.

To understand How to Make 10k a Month Passive Income in 2023, It’s crucial to remember that creating passive income needs an initial time. You’ll most certainly need to dedicate a large amount of time to your chosen method if you want to generate a passive income of $10,000 per month.




Before making any investments or starting a new company venture, it’s also crucial to conduct extensive study and due diligence. With persistence and hard work, it is possible to build a passive income stream over time.

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