Best Places To Travel Without A Passport In 2022

Because the United States has a greater area than Europe, a US citizen can travel from one state to another in the same length of time it takes to travel between two European countries. You do not need a passport to travel between states because all 50 states are part of the United States of America.
The United States also owns places in the Pacific Ocean that have particular requirements for traveling without a passport. Prior to 9/11, travel rules between the United States, its territories, and adjacent nations were less stringent than they are today. Most of the time, you must travel with a passport to different places, but there are always a few exceptions. Here we are going to look at the different tourist places you can travel to without a passport

Best Places to Travel If You Don’t Have a US Passport

The following places allow you to travel without a passport:

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. United States Virgin Islands
  3. Mariana Islands, Northern
  4. American Samoa
  5. Guam
  6. Canada
  7. Alaska
  8. Mexico

Please bear in mind that traveling without a passport in certain places and US territory is usually only possible by land or water, and even if you travel directly there, you must have some form of acceptable identification to enter those places.

#1. Puerto Rico

To enter Puerto Rico, you need not need a passport. This beautiful island is around 1,000 miles from southeast Florida in the Caribbean, and you can come whenever you want as long as you have a valid ID card or birth certificate. You can enter without a passport even if you are not a US citizen but a legal permanent resident.

While in Puerto Rico, you may visit some of the best beaches in the world, participate in a range of water sports, hike trails, and even kayak to Mosquito Bay, where the sea shines. Overall, if you don’t want to deal with the headache of applying for a passport, Puerto Rico is the ideal vacation destination.

#2. United States Virgin Islands

This group of islands is also in the Caribbean, and you won’t need a passport to visit—though you will need some form of acceptable ID when you travel. The US Virgin Islands have been a part of the United States since 1917 when Denmark ceded them to the United States, and you can now visit the archipelago and spend your vacation there.

You can visit three of the largest islands during your vacation: St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. There are numerous activities available, ranging from visiting the Virgin Islands National Park to snorkeling in Trunk Bay.

#3. Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana Islands are a US territory located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The archipelago consists of 14 islands, with Guam being the southernmost island and an independent nation. Because the islands are US territory, no passport is required to enter or exit the archipelago. As in other US territories, you must have a valid ID card or birth certificate.

Saipan, Tinian, and Rota are among the most visited islands, with Saipan being the largest. Between these islands, there are some great locations to view, including Micro Beach, Mount Topachau, Banzai Cliff, and many historical sites.

#4. American Samoa

American Samoa is one of the fantastic places to travel for a holiday without a passport. This US territory consists of various islands surrounded by breathtaking scenery. However, this territory is one of the hardest to get to because aircraft are scarce and you must usually enter through Honolulu, Hawai’i.

#5. Guam

The island, which is located in the North Pacific Ocean, allows US citizens to arrive without a passport if they have proof of citizenship or a valid ID. This is one of the Mariana Islands’ most populous islands and is great for a summer vacation.

The island offers some of the best beaches in the world, including Ypao Beach Park, as well as a wonderful climate. It also boasts a rich cultural legacy and history, and you can even see two separate warships deep in the ocean—relics from World Wars I and II.

#6. Canada

If you are traveling by land or sea, you do not need a passport to visit Canada. However, you must have a passport or a NEXUS card. A NEXUS card is a sort of travel document that allows you to bypass the Canadian border. Because this is a joint program of Canada and the United States, the application process for a NEXUS card is overseen by both governments.

If you fly to Canada, you cannot enter the nation with just a passport card; you must also have a passport or a NEXUS travel document.

#7. Mexico

You can now visit Mexico without a passport if you have a passport card or an improved driver’s license, thanks to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (EDLs). An EDL is a travel document that proves your identification and US citizenship, making your travel to Mexico easier and faster, whether you arrive by land or sea. You can also use your EDL to enter Canada or other US Caribbean territories.

Furthermore, children under the age of 16 can travel to Mexico without a passport by using only their birth certificates (applicable only to travel by land).

#8. Alaska

Because Alaska is a state of the United States, you do not need a passport to enter the state. If you have a layover in Canada, you must present your passport when you arrive at the airport.

#9. Closed-Loop Cruises

If you are taking a closed-loop cruise in the Western Hemisphere that departs and returns from the same port, you do not need a passport; a valid ID will suffice. However, make certain that the cruise will not visit any other nations or territories outside of the United States that may necessitate the use of a passport.

#10. Key West Florida

Traveling to Key West, which is only 90 miles north of Cuba, will make you feel as if you’ve left the United States and entered the Caribbean. Key West is a popular destination for partygoers, thanks to its unique pastel-colored architecture and crazy nightlife.

Key West is home to the only living barrier reef in the mainland United States, making it a favorite destination for snorkelers and SCUBA enthusiasts both!

#11. Miami, Florida

This is the third most populous city on the east coast of the United States, and is an excellent alternative for travelers seeking the convenience of city life alongside their tropical holiday.

Miami has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for amazing Cuban food, want to soak up the cheesy art deco architecture, or simply can’t wait to enjoy the busy nightlife.

#12. Anna Maria Island, Florida

Try Anna Maria Island for a tropical beach vacation that is a touch more laid back than Key West or Miami. Anna Maria is a small barrier island on Florida’s gulf coast with a laid-back vacation ambiance.

#13. Santa Catalina Island, California

If you’re seeking tropical places on the west coast that don’t require a passport, Santa Catalina Island is the place to go. Catalina Island, located just southwest of Los Angeles, is recognized for its spectacular dive locations as well as its premium resort atmosphere.

Whether you’re hiking to the summit of Mt. Orizaba or having brunch in the resort town of Two Harbors, Catalina Island makes it simple to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation despite being only an hour away from mainland California.

#14. Jamaica

Jamaica has three ports where ships can dock, and the island is a popular stop for closed-loop cruisers. You’ll obviously need a passport if you wish to travel to the country, but cruises are just as exciting and fun, and you’ll only need a valid I.S. and your birth certificate. According to MSN, Port Antonio on the island’s eastern side accommodates smaller ships, while Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, both on the country’s northern coast, welcome larger vessels. All of these ports feature beautiful beaches, bars, and shopping. Furthermore, this is one of the most secure ways to tour Jamaica.

#15. Honduras

The Bay Islands of Honduras are another amazing and stunning holiday spot where you can travel with other closed-loop cruises without a passport. Visitors may snorkel and scuba dive alongside the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the world’s second-biggest reef, in Roatán, the largest of the Bay Islands. Roatán is well-known for its white sand beaches and diving in volcanic crevices. There are numerous scheduled activities for tourists, guaranteeing that they enjoy the nation safe, and you don’t even need to have your passport with you at all times.

#16. Bermuda

Bermuda is a beautiful place to travel, and believe it or not, you can visit without a passport if you board one of the many Bermuda-bound cruises. These cruise ships land at three ports, including Hamilton City, St. George, and King’s Wharf, and stay for many days so you may explore as much as you like, lounge on lovely pink sand beaches, and participate in some fun water activities. Check out Crystal Cave, one of the island’s most popular attractions, where you can venture inside and view stalagmites and stalactites that have formed over thousands of years.

#17. Costa Rica

Costa Rica provides visitors with breathtaking views of rainforests, unique animals, and beautiful beaches, and you can experience it all without a passport. Join one of the closed-loop cruises that go to Costa Rica. With its immensely diverse topography of lush forests, wildlife reserves, and beaches that make you feel like you’re in paradise, it’s incredible that you can discover this nation without a passport. Other Costa Rica ports, such as Puerto Caldera, have even more natural diversity, with 5% of the world’s flora, fauna, and animal species despite their tiny size.

#18. Belize

When you book a cruise to Belize, you will discover a tropical paradise full of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. Your cruise will dock in Belize City, where you will begin seeing the country and participating in activities like snorkeling reefs, discovering caves, taking a bike trip through the Belizean jungle, or getting up close and personal with nurse sharks and stingrays. There are also ancient Mayan ruins to be discovered, such as Xuanatunich, a spectacular archeological temple that has been claimed by the jungle.

#19. Bahamas

The Bahamas is made up of hundreds of islands, and when you take a cruise to this magnificent tropical paradise, there is something for everyone. Bahamas cruises are ideal for those who wish to go on an adventure on the ocean, dive and explore the gorgeous coral garden at Orange Bowl reef, visit intriguing shipwrecks in Grand Bahamas, and get up close and personal with various aquatic species. According to MSN, you should take a cruise that stops in Nassau to give guests a taste of Bahamian culture and to visit the famed Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort.

#20. The United States of America

Of course, we had to include the United States in our list! There are so many adventure locations right in our own backyard that we seem to ignore because we believe we need to leave the entire country when we think of having a much-needed holiday. We surely take the United States and its diverse and striking scenery for granted. The United States is made up of breathtaking mountain ranges, picturesque desert towns with steep gorges, rich woods teeming with wildlife, jaw-dropping glaciers, and exquisite beaches. Furthermore, you only need your government-issued identification, so there is no need to obtain a passport.

Places You Can Travel Without A Passport FAQs

Is It Possible to visit the Bahamas without a Passport?

Although the Bahamas is a visa-free destination, US nationals are normally required to provide a valid US passport as well as proof of intended departure from the Bahamas when visiting the Bahamas.

Where Can You Go In the Caribbean Without a Passport?

United States Virgin Islands You can take a Caribbean vacation without a passport if you stay in the US Virgin Islands of St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas.

Is It Possible to Travel to Other Countries Without a Passport?

You won’t be able to fly overseas unless you have a valid passport, and you’ll be stuck in the United States until you pay the IRS in full. Of course, if you have a second passport, you can leave the US and enter any nation without a visa.

What Is The Best Way To Travel Without A Passport?

A passport is not required for travel to US territory by air, land, or sea. Instead, non-drivers must bring suitable photo identification, such as a current driver’s license or ID card, which their state’s motor vehicles department may supply.

In an Emergency, can you Travel Without a Passport?

Citizens are not permitted to leave the nation unless they have a valid passport or an emergency travel authorization issued by the US. If you are in an emergency travel scenario and do not have a passport, you can seek assistance from the United States Department of State’s National Passport Information Center.


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